chapter 6

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"Hmph that what I thought" I said while I continued to pack my stuff

"Julia stop please I'm sorry" he said I could tell he wasn't trust me I've heard him say I'm sorry so many times that I'm just over it. I continued to pack until he yelled at me

"JULIA STOP AND PUT YOUR STUFF BACK NOW!" I stopped putting clothes in my luggage and looked at him in fear. I've never heard my dad yell before so this was scary for me his face was red but once he saw the look on my face he looked down and his face went back to normal, He ran his hand through his hair and looked up

"Julia I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you" I just looked at him I have nothing to say nothing would come out of my mouth I'm so terrified right now just then my phone rang and I walked out the room and went outside I looked at the caller I.D and it showed Rena's name.


"Hey Julia our manager said we have to be at the studio by thrusday okay"

"Alright I'll be there bye Rena"

"Bye Julia see you thrusday" And with that I hung up and walked back inside to see my dad and Renee sitting on the couch they both looked at me and told me to come sit with them to watch my dad's movie 12 Rounds 3:Lockdown but I ignored them both and walked back up to my room locking the door so no one would bother me while I finish this song.............Ugh I can already tell it's gonna be a long week.


Hi guys I'm back!!!! Sorry for taking sooooo long I just didn't know of I wanted to continue my story but ig you want me to comment down below!! Hope you all have an awesome day

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