The Signs at Disney Land/World

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The Signs At Disney Land/World

Aries: Wants to ride every single ride in the entire park

Taurus: Spends all of their money on souvenirs

Gemini: Wants to go on the big roller coasters, but no one will go with them

Cancer: Stays away from the big rides, ends up getting separated from the group

Leo: Goes on the same ride at least 50 times

Virgo: Takes selfies with all of the Disney characters

Libra: Goes on everything except for the ferris wheel

Scorpio: Doesn't want to go on the big rides, but Aries forces them to

Sagittarius: Ends up throwing up on a roller coaster, but that doesn't stop them from going on the rides

Capricorn: Is the only one that's worried about Cancer, but they don't want to lose their place in line

Aquarius: Stays with Sagittarius the entire day (except for when they are throwing up)

Pisces: Tries to go on all of the water rides

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