The Signs as Teachers

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the signs as teachers

aries: way too angry gym teacher who wears tiny shorts and shouts all the time and makes you run 30 laps if you're even two seconds late to class

taurus: the bio teacher who actually loves every being no matter how big or how small, is so excited about everything and all their students love them.

gemini: teaches legit every modern language possible and is always super busy because of how many classes they teach but they're super fun

cancer: the history teacher who can remember 9361839 dates but forgets to show up to class half the time and always gets side tracked and just gives the students random life lessons

leo: chemistry teacher who doesn't really know what's going on ever and just really likes to blow shit up and nearly burns down the lab at least once a day

virgo: the drama teacher who wants everything to be PERFECT and has WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE ALL THE TIME

libra: business teacher who is a secret millionaire because they invested money in stocks years ago and just teaches because they love it, gives important money management advice to students and always wears fab clothes

scorpio: the maths teacher who hates their job and just wants to go home and watch reruns of say yes to the dress and toddlers and tiaras

sagittarius: the really young physics teacher who's actually kinda hot but is such a nerd you can't have a normal conversation without it turning into something way too smart to understand

capricorn: economics teacher who is way too into politics and their class hardly teaches anything relevant but they could all tell you about any current affair in the world at a given time

aquarius: the crazy English teacher with mismatched socks and hipster glasses who stands on desks and makes speeches which change your life

pisces: music teacher who's way too good to be a teacher and should be a pro but just wants a steady income so they can settle down with their partner

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