Signs Doing Homework

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Signs doing homework

Aries: starts their homework early, takes a break, and finishes it later

Taurus: leaves it all to the last minute

Gemini: calls their friends while working

Cancer: stressing about all the essays they have due tomorrow

Leo: opens up their textbooks but gets distracted by something else

Virgo: very organized with a schedule, lists, and even seems to find time for extra credit

Libra: usually leaves all their homework for the weekend

Scorpio: stays up really late finishing all their work but still gets it all done

Sagittarius: usually gets it done during class so they have time for other things after school

Capricorn: finishes all their work quickly

Aquarius: forgets about it and ends up doing it the period before it's due

Pisces: "I'll do it later"

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