Confessions of the signs

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Confessions of the Signs

Aries:I'm not always an initiator and I sometimes need someone to show me the way before I take the lead

Taurus:I always have a plan to get something done, but once a single person reminds me to do it, I won't do anything for a while

Gemini:I hate admitting when I'm wrong, I've said I love you when I didn't mean it, I change who I am around different people, I love messing with people's heads, I miss my childhood

Cancer:Before you assume I'm fragile, remember that the shell I have is not to hide myself; it's a battle beaten shield against the world, and sometimes it's to shield the world from me, too

Leo:I love everyone else so fully because I haven't quite figured out how to love myself

Virgo:I seem organized but I'm literally falling apart like I have unrealistic standards for myself

Libra:My emotions are extremely volatile but I hold them in so I'm not perceived as weak, and it wears me out

Scorpio:I'm worried I'm going to have the feeling of being unloved my whole life

Sagittarius:I used to threaten to run away from home so often that it got to the point where I'd pack a bag and go hide out on the hiking trail. Usually, I'd come back in like two hours

Capricorn:I am much less driven than most let on. But believe me, I'm more passionate about those I love than some say

Aquarius:People think I have no emotions and that I don't care, when in reality I have SO many emotions and sometimes I care so much I think I'm going to explode

Pisces:I hate giving people advice on their problems when no one else is ready to listen to my problems

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