How it Happened

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Me: Where's my Husband

Man: I don't know

I Put the gun to his head


Man: I dont fuckin know nigga

Me:U and i both knoe u know where he is so where is he and TELLL ME NOW

Man: he ran away

Me: BITCH U MUST THINK IM STUPID BECAUSE THAT NIGGA CLOTHES HERE AND ALL THE FOOD DER ONE HE LEFT ALL HIS MOTHERFUCKIN FRIENDS REALLY NIGGA....REALLY SECOND I RIDE THAT NIGGA LIKE A PRO AND UP HERE GON SAY HE RAN AWAY DO I LOOK LIKE YO MAMA WHO LET HER DUMB ASS SON TO LIVE WITH THE GANG LETS TALK ABOUT THIS DUMB ASS NIGGA (clocks him upside the head with the gun).BITCH ASS HOE wanna do this the easy way or the hard way if u tell the truth ima still beat yo azz if u lie nigga u dying today no crosses count my nigga knoe this will all end if you tell me where he at orrrrrrr ima have my crazy asss best friend talk to u............Silence means best fran come out

Ray: who messing with my best friend

Me:Nigga the man u kidnapped


RAY:where he go nigga

Man:i dont knoe man

Me:u gon knoe if i put the glock to yo head.......nigga

Ray: never that again

Man: He's by the Mississippi river little house

Me:(Eyes pop out) u liar

Me: I bet u guyz like wats going on and why u guyz are about to find out know let me refrased the day he got got y'all know wat mean i anit gotta say it.

Me: Foreal Ray put the mustard squirter down for me

Ray: Hell no u kn i hate them tacos that taste stale but they anit so why the fuckkkkkkkk would u give me this sorry ass taco

Me: u kn um Wats it called

Ray: (Cocks the Mustard Concoction)

Me: Nigga u kn i hate mustard

Ray: thats wat im going for u either make me a another taco orrrrrrr u just get sprayed with the hated liquid u dont like

Me: That's the shit i dont like

Ray : im tellin jacob yo dumb ass got the wrong taco shells

Me: Jacob!!!!!!!!


Roc: that was that noise y'all slow ass fuck

La'shay: shut the hell up and answer the damn phone nigga

Roc: shut up fo i bang the shit outta u

Prod: ayeeee don't nobody wanna hear dat shit
Chres: Shello

????: Put me on speaker

Chres: kay

Me: that's Jake


Me: well..

???:ahhh so ur waiting for ur precious husband i see

Chres: Cheese Balls stop playin with us i kn u brought tacos cause aner dumb ass anit get the right ones.......Right

??????: Aner remember me u dissed me for CHEESE BALL

Me: ummm i anit diss shit

???????: Naw Naw Naw

Me: Wat do u want

???: I want the ghost standin next to u who else

Me: Wheres my husband at bruh

????:we have to switch I'll take u and they take cheese balls

Chres: nigga u is a cheese ball no hairline

Me:shut the fuck up we have to find him now (ends call) We have to find him

Ever since we were looking for him  up and down huhh i miss him thanks for reading read the next chapter

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