First Day

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Hey Guys this is my 1st fanfic, and I hope you enjoy! Reviews, are appreciated and preferred as constructive criticism. Thank you so much!

Kori's POV

RRRIIIINNNNGGG my phone rang, Ugh I've got to change that ring tone.

Anyway, hi, I am Kori, of the Tamaranean islands. I can barely speak english, and my parents are never around. So in others words... Life's not that good for me.

My parents own a business and we must travel all the time. My parents promised that I'm staying here at Jump City Prep for the next two years of high school.

"Kori!!!!", oh and did I mention that my sister hates me!?

"Yes, sister Komi?

"Sister dear, get up for school, now or your walking to school!"

"I will ride the yellow bus, Sister Komi"

"Speak english you freak" she said laughing out of my room.

Must Sister Komi be so disrespectful? Kori wondered. It was the first day of school, and even though her life was dreadful, Kori was excited for school. She was always as happy as possible. She was just like that.

She stood up, rushing to the bathroom and threw on her purple tank top and Jean shorts. She also threw on a white jean jacket. 'I hope this looks good'.

After combing her red long hair, and brushing her teeth, Kori put on her purple boots and was off to the bus stop. Kori grabbed her bookbag, and ran out of her house, grabbing a bagel on her way.

As Kori arrived the bus stop she had the biggest of grins. She looked around and saw many people talking with there friends. One girl, an African American girl smiled kindly at Kori. She was wearing a yellow and black top and black jeans that fit her perfectly.

Kori smiled back, "Hi, my name is Kori"

The girl smiled back "Hi! My name's Karen, but since we're friends now call be Bee!" Kori immediately grew a liking to this girl.

The girls talked about a few things until the bus arrived. Kori learned a lot about the girl and her friends.

"Hey! Wanna sit with me?" Bee asked with much enthusiasm.

"Glorious! I would love to!"

They found seats on the bus in front of two girls.

One of them having pink hair. She wore a pink top and a black shirt.

The other having purple hair, with pale skin. She was wearing a bored expression on her face. She was wearing a blue jacket and jean shorts.

"Hey Rach and Jen, this is a new friend of mine."

"Hey Kori the girl with pink hair said, "I'm Jen"

"Hi, I'm Rachel" the other girl said.

"Glorious! Now we are the best of friends!"

"Wow... You're so enthusiastic.", Jen said.

The girls began talking as they reached the school.

"Hey, you wanna eat with us at lunch later on?" Bee asked

"I would love to"

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