Chapter 3

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Mama, we all go to hell,

Mama we all go to hell,

I’m writing this letter and wishing you well,

Mama we all go to hell

“Charlotte Sutherland? Get those headphones out of your ears now!” The stupid principal shouted across his office at me. I ignored him – pretended that I couldn’t hear him.

“Miss Sutherland? If you don’t remove them from your ears, I will have to call your parents” he threatened. And I had all faith that he would follow his word through, but like my parents would even care.

Things at home hadn’t been great at home, not for a long time. My dad had gotten his extra-marital girlfriend pregnant, and it had completely torn us apart.

 My dad left her too, which I thought – as well as being right by our family – was wrong. It was his mess and responsibility and he needed to face up to it.

 Maybe then I would have kept at least a flake of respect from him.

Stupidly, my mom stayed with him. My little brother and I weren’t talking to him and it annoyed them both.

They were constantly arguing and trying – failing – to work things out. My mom needed to let go but she wouldn’t.

I kept the headphones in to drown out my thoughts and concentrate on my one passion in life – music.

It was my escape, my creative outlet and something that I always got a lot of support from. I was feeling down, so taking my headphones out was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

Swiftly, Mr Jackson pushed out his seat and walked over to the desk wherein I was sitting. I knew it was coming from his exasperated grunt.

He pulled the headphones from my ears and swiped my IPod from my hand.

I looked up at him, not even bothering to hide the tears that were welling up in my eyes. I didn’t care anymore. And it was clear that he didn’t really care either.

“I said, take them out.” He just stood there, staring down at me and waiting for an apology. My fortitude to annoy him was proving fruitful as he swayed impatiently. Still, I said nothing.

“You can have this back when you redeem yourself.” He told me.  “I’m calling your parents. I have had enough of you today. You’re supposed to keep your head down after what you did at the end of last year.”

“You can’t call them Please, don’t.”

I rolled my eyes at the realisation that he was about to completely lecture me. “What’s happened to you?” he asked me sincerely for once. “Your grades were excellent until sophomore year.”

I purely looked down at the desk and did nothing to meet his gaze.

I soon did look up though, as there was a knock on the door.

“Uncle John, I have those sheets for you” the teacher said as he walked in. I looked up to find that it was none other than Mr Sanders.

They were related? Oh my God.

He looked at me, saw me staring and narrowed his eyes in a cynical manner. “What have you done now?” he asked, teasingly just after the principal left the room to call my parents.

“Told you to fuck off, apparently” I shrugged. “You know exactly what I supposedly did.”

He smiled and walked forwards, not even bothering to deny what he had said. I couldn’t help but check him out.

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