The last chapter

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Hannah's pov

Waking up on the couch wasn't so pleasent. But waking up on the couch next to Louis kinda made it better. I mean my bed is way better then the couch.

"Mm morning babe." He mumbled although his eyes stayed glued shut.

"Good morning." I responded. As I wriggled out of his arm (well at least tried) so I could get up and go make breakfast.

"Louis let me up." I groaned.

"No." He replied as he held me tighter.

"I'm going to go make breakfast." I complained trying again to get up.

"Uhh fine." He said as he let go. Bad idea. As soon as he did I went toppling over into the floor.

"Oh wow. Um are you ok?" He rushed.

"Yeah fine." I said sitting up. "Wanna help me make breakfast?"

"Sure." He smiled. He outstreched a hand offering to help me up which I gladly accepted. We walked into the kitchen and both of us looked for something to make.

"Waffles or pancakes?" I asked.

"Hm pancakes." He decided. I turned to get the mix but me being me was to short. It didn't take to long for Louis to notice and start laughing.

"Yeah haha now help me." I pouted. Childish me of course.

"Oh alright." He said grabbing it with one hand and no struggle. "Here."

"Thanks." I said grabbing it." Can you make some bacon without harming yourself?" I remembered back to the time when I jinxed him and he did burn himself.

"I think so." He smiled walking towards the freezer.

After breakfast

"That was really good." Harry informed us as everyone finished up their plates.

"Yeah and I'm so glad Liam decided to do the dishes." I laughed.

"I decided to do what?" He asked. Everyone burst out laughing.

"Did you see his face?" Niall asked causing everyone to laugh even more.

"Right he was like." Harry said before trying to copy Liam's face

"Alright. I will do the dishes but it wasn't that funny." He complained.

"Oh good cause I really didn't want to do them." I laughed.

Later that afternoon

"So what are we doing tonight?" I asked everyone.

"I'm taking you out tonight." Louis confirmed.

"we're going out too." Niall annonced.

"Well Bekah wanna go on a date with me?" Harry questioned.

"Sure." She smiled.

"Zayn you want to come over to my house for a movie cuddle?" Liam joked.

"How could I say no to that face?" Zayn joked back as we all laughed.

"Wow ok. Well come on girls forth to my room." I spoke standing up.

"Alright." They said in unison as they stood up. And of course me being me fell up the stairs.

"Smart move Hannah. Best I ever seen." Summer laughed.

"Oh hush you do it all the time." I groaned getting up. We continued walking up to my room with no falls this time.

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