Chapter 4: Rumor Has It

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The sound of screaming children echoed throughout the rickety house along with my ringing alarm clock that left me deaf in my right ear.  I was praying it was the Curtis house and I was on the couch, but I slowly opened one eye to find my Paul Newman poster hanging on the wall.  I could clearly hear my mother yelling at my younger sisters to get ready for school; it was a school day… great. I decided to avoid going down stairs because I was sure my mom would screech at me for being out late.  I crawled out of bed trying to make as little noise as possible trying to make it sound like I don’t exist, but that’s not too hard in this family.  Slowly, I pulled my skinny jeans on and threw on a dirty black t-shirt with an orange flannel shirt over top.  I put a little eyeliner on my waterline and applied my mascara.  My hair just wasn’t cooperating, so I just left it down which probably wasn’t the best solution.  I slumped my backpack over my shoulder and climbed out the window into a tree and started walking to school. 

A car pulled up next to me and I was sure it was a bunch of Socs.  “Want a ride greaser?” a boy called.  He sounded familiar.  It was none other than Sodapop Curtis and his brothers. 

I laughed, “Sure, I thought you were a Soc.” 

“Man, how late were you guys out last night?” Darry questioned. 

“Only a few drinks.” I answered.

Darry cocked an eye and then started laughing.  “You know it won’t do you any good to be a wiseass around here.” 

“Yeah, yeah I know, but it so fun.” I joked.  Two-Bit’s personality must be rubbing off on me after years of hanging out with him almost everyday.

Darry pulled up in the front of the school and I shoved Ponyboy out of the car and said my goodbyes to Soda and Darry.  I walked with Ponyboy in the hallways to our lockers where we met up with Steve and Two-Bit.  Two-Bit was smoking in the hallways and started off the day with a detention from Mr. Symes. 

“Where’s Johnny?” Ponyboy asked.

“His dad beat him last night and he couldn’t show up today looking like that.” Two-Bit said in reply with a sense of defeat. 

“It’s terrible that his folks do that.  Even my parents don’t physically hit me.” I said to break the silence. 

“We’ve all got it rough, but it’s not like anything’s ever gonna change no matter what.  We’re Greasers.”  Steve piped up.

The bell rang and Steve and I walked over to Biology class.  We entered the classroom and sat in the back with all the other greasers.  One of the Brumbly boys started a spitball battle between him and his buddy and Steve and I.  We were winning until Mrs. Maxwell threaten us with a detention.  The rest of Biology class was boring, so I just started doodling in my textbook.  I must’ve been off in wonderland because when I came back into focus I realized that I wrote Sodapop Curtis all over my book. I quickly erased it before anyone could see.  Am I really falling for Sodapop?  This might ruin our friendship.  Could it?

I strolled into the cafeteria looking over at the lunch line.  No one really buys anything because everyone is positive that the lunch ladies try to poison us.  I through the line and grabbed some chocolate pudding and a coke.  I pulled out my money and paid the lunch lady then, sat down at our table. 

“There better be a rumble soon if they keep on coming into our side.” Two-Bit requested.

Jordy, a Brumley boy, nodded in reply while scoffing down his sloppy joe that he got from Dairy Queen.  “I reckon we’ll be at each others throats in no time Two-Bit.” 

“This time it’s personal.  Them damn socs are coming into our territory too often now, jumping greasers left and right.  It’s about time we settle things.” said Two-Bit.

“Y’all better watch it, them socs won’t fight fair.” I piped in.

“They’ll fight fair, we’ll just get ol’ Dallas to tell ‘em.” Steve said.

“And since when did you care about whether or not they fight fair? You’re the toughest greaser girl in Tulsa.” Two-Bit questioned.

Greaser!” I corrected, “And people get hurt in rumbles and now if we fight the socs, they won’t care about rules.  The last thing we need is someone in the hospital.”

“The only ones that’ll be in the hospital will be the damn socs!” Steve declared smashing his fist down on the table which made Johnny look up. 

“When did you start caring about anyone getting hurt?” Two-Bit asked raising a brow.

I pursed my lips, “I don’t." 

I was a female Dallas Winston.  I’m the meanest, toughest greaser girl in Tulsa and a hell of a fighter.  I live with abuse and fear, but yet it doesn’t scare me.  Then, why did this scare me?

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