Scolding Your Heart

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→This book won't have a sequel, but rather a spin-off. The spin off will be based on one of the main characters friends and will likely have a similar title.

→Fangirling will also come with this book- so go crazy!

Warning: Teen Wolf, Supernatural and Gossip Girl are referenced and quoted quite frequently in this book, and if you don't understand it, there will be a glossary at the end of each chapter to help you out. [:)]

→Some 'mean' characters might offend you throughout this book, but please remember, you guys can burn them in the comments. And also, please keep your superior and smart comments sarcastic and fun, I like reading and replying to the funny ones.

Warning: Random Fact.
I came up with the idea of this book after watching an episode of Sherlock, don't ask how, I really don't know.

Warning!: This is not a fact. Feel free to fangirl and make ship names, we all do it, so embrace it.

Fun Fact: I love people who comment and vote!
Commenting and voting helps me out, so please do it! It makes me feel loved.

Sweetest thing I've ever written- "I'm bad, I've done bad things. And I'm a bad person. But no matter how bad I am or will be, I'll always be good for you." - Zed Vinto.

Thanks for reading this, have a wonderful day or night, you all deserve it.

-Dija ;)

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