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"okay, you're good to go, princess." luke smiled at the young girl sniffed her red puffy nose as she nodded. the young girl stepped out of the bed and ran towards her mother with her tiny legs. the scene made luke cooed at them.

the paediatrician walked to his table as he adjusted the white coat around his body, "ms. reed?" luke's voice made the mother looked up at him as she hummed in response.

"make sure your daughter take her medicine twice a day. she should be fine in a week if she takes the medicine everyday from now on." luke scribbled down things he said on a note in case the mother forgot about it.

"also make sure she rests well and don't drink cold drinks. it'll make her sore throat gets worse." the mother nodded and thanked luke with a graceful smile.

at times like this was when luke loved his job so much. being able to saved someone life or even only helped them feeling better made luke happy. this was the reason why luke wanted to be a doctor. to be a hero to everyone in need.

luke nodded politely at the mother, then he kneeled down in front of the young girl and smiled, "come back in a week when you're feeling better then we can get ice cream together, okay?"

the young girl grinned as she nodded frantically, "thank you, doctor luke." the paediatrician's smile got wider when he felt a little pair of arms wrapped around his neck and a mop of curls tickled his shoulder slightly.

"take care, july." luke tighten his grip on the young girl, it made the girl giggled as she wiggled her body out of luke's embrace. luke pouted when she broke the hug, but then she giggled again as she booped his nose.

the duo waved luke goodbye, and july may or not may ran towards luke then hugged his leg then ran back to her mother. the action was enough to made luke cried in awe.

july has always been his favorite patient. she was always so giggly and happy even though her mother didn't seem to be the type to giggle. maybe she got it from her father but he never met july's father whatsoever.

luke sighed in relief when he realised july was his last patient for the day. it was a busy day today, but luke didn't mind at all. he was almost never complained about his job because that's what he wanted to do since he was a little boy.

the blond man ruffled his already messy hair pretty quick, then he walked out from his office and walked down to the lounge where all the doctors who worked at this hospital spent their free times.

it was only 10.40 am, luke's shift ended at 11 am so he decided to relax and maybe have a chat with whoever at the lounge.

when he arrived at the lounge, luke internally pout. no one was there to talk to luke. he was always been a talkative person. people thought he was really friendly but some other people thought it was plain annoying. his intention was good, though. he was just a really curious guy and loved to socialize, what's so wrong about that?

shrugged it off, luke took a seat on the sofa as he sighed in relief when his back hit the fluffy material. sitting on a stiff, hard chair for four hours straight was really backaching, if that word even existed.

after a few minutes of silence, luke decided to call his twin who he haven't seen for about three months and he missed him so much. sure, they were both really busy considering luke was a paediatrician and dylan was a supermodel but they worked it out somehow.

dylan answered after the third ring with a loud voice, "luke! hey, what's up?" hearing dylan's chirpy voice made luke smiled a little. his voice was slightly higher than luke's and he always teased dylan for that.

"no, nothing. just missed you, that's all." luke said with fake sobs which made dylan scoffed.

"you just called me last night but i don't blame you considering i'm missable." luke could imagine dylan's smug expression and it made luke rolled his eyes.

"is missable even a word?"

"i don't know, luke. i thought you were the smarter one?" dylan laughed at his own comeback as he ran a hand through his platinum blond hair.

"i definitely am," luke chuckled, "you're hotter so we're even."

hearing that, dylan scoffed at his twin's words, "shut up, we are hot. no one is hotter than anyone."

"yeah, right. whatever you say, dy."

he heard dylan's obnoxious laugh on the other end, making luke joined him laughed at each other. they always had a strong bond, they're twins for god's sake. luke was glad that dylan wasn't a douche or else he's stuck with a douche for basically the rest of his live.

however, dylan's laugh died down, "look, luke i gotta go. duty calls. talk to you later, okay?"

luke nodded sadly, and he may or not may pouted but no one knew, "okay, take care and don't forget to drink water."

dylan tsked, "thanks for the reminder, doctor." and with that he hung up the phone call, leaving luke all alone once again.

luke sighed and pocketed his phone when he heard a nurse called his name with a loud voice. "doctor hemmings? there's an emergency patient for you!"

luke raised his eyebrow but he quickly got up from his seat, anyway. he ran towards the voice and saw fatima frantically waved her chubby hands at luke.

"why did you call me? i'm not an emergency doctor?" luke looked down at fatima who was hurriedly picked up some files from the nurse desk. "yeah, i know that," fatima tsked, "but all of the emergency doctors are busy and you're the only one who's available now.

fatima then looked up at luke, "besides, the patient is a young boy so i assume you'd know how to handle him."

the blond man nodded slowly, then he walked towards the young boy who lied on the bed as a few nurses pushed it towards the emergency unit. and he also saw a crying pink haired man walked beside the young boy's bed, he looked cute in luke's opinion. the color pink suited him.

once luke reached the bed, he clutched the boy's hand but before he could speak, a small voice startled him which is belonged to the crying pink haired man he saw earlier.



first chapter and it already has 1k words?????? i can tell this is gonna be a one hell of a story man

anyway, imagine dylan as luke with lucky's hair style and a bit tanner than the actually luke aka hOT AF



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