Chapter 6

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Previously in Dark& Dangerous Love;

It took Evelyn a few moments before her brain registered the face of her attacker, and she gasped as she realised who the guy in front of her was, a face that had not crossed her mind since the first time they met. "You!" She whispered in shock as she tried to push him away, but it was no use. "You're the guy from the King's birthday celebration!"

The vampire smiled. "I'm glad you remember me, my sweet Evelyn." He whispered as he leaned closer to her, and it took Evelyn another moment to realise who he was...

"Zayn, you're Zayn Malik... You're the king!"

He smiled darkly. "Took you long enough..." 


"Took you long enough..." Zayn's words sent a shiver down Evelyn's spine as she took in the incredibly buff and tall vampire in front of her. The last time that they met, they were both on the dimly lit balcony, under the natural light of Manhattan city and the moon.

The young Blackburn didn't know why she had not recognized that the vampire who she had been chatting to was in fact the King; someone who she should have been staying away from at all cost.

Hesitantly, Evelyn looked towards the direction of where Zayn had sent Ethan flying just moments before. Evelyn felt a rush of anger flooding through her as her eyes met the frighteningly still body of Ethan, unconscious on the cold grass.

Suddenly, Zayn took a step forward and pressed his body against Evelyn's so that he could feel the heat vibrating off her body. The moment that they made contact – even with his suit and her dress between their bodies – Zayn felt a shiver oozing going down his spine. A spark was ignited by their close distant and the delicious scent of Evelyn's blood that was pumping through her veins at that very moment; calling for him.

Once again, Zayn felt that uncontrollable need of having the human. That desire was so strong and compelling, that even he – a vampire who had lived almost over a millennium - could not ignore. Zayn had always thought that his self control was beyond imaginations, but he had clearly been wrong when – without thinking - he leaned down and kissed her...

Evelyn was horrified when Zayn's lips made contact with her own, it wasn't like kissing Ethan – sparks and fireworks – no, not at all. Instead, it was spine chilling and horrifying, Evelyn felt her stomach jerk at the thought of having a vampire's lips against hers.

Then, out of sheer instinct, Evelyn did something that she shouldn't have, something that could have gotten her killed, right then, right there.

Without thinking, she lifted her hand up and slapped Zayn with all of her power. But when her hand made contact with his cold, un-dead, face, Zayn's head didn't jerk away like she had expected.

It did make him pull away from her though. And when he did, Evelyn saw a brief glimpse of Zayn's face, smothered in what seemed like disbelief, shock, rejection and pain.

But Evelyn didn't linger long and waited to see those expressions of pain turning into expressions of anger. Instead, the moment that he pulled away, Evelyn took his moment of shock to her advantage and slipped under his arm, and raced towards the direction of Ethan's motionless body.

"Ethan!" Evelyn cried as she ran at full speed towards the injured human, but before she could get anywhere near him. A strong pair of arms wrapped themselves around her and pulled her against the hardest chest she had ever felt.

"Do you like him?"Zayn's cold and cruel voice sent shivers down her back as she felt his presence behind her. One of his arms wrapping possessively and roughly around her waist and the other was at the base of her throat, threatening to break it at any moment.

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