Light and Dark

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In the beginning, when the world was new, there was Dark and Light. Light was diligent and hard working, while Dark was lazy and greedily jealous of Light's beauty and grace. Both of the entities wanted to rule over the world, and so they constantly battled each other for supremacy. They battled ceaselessly with one another, one having the upper hand at one second, and the other gaining the advantage the next.

One day, Light and Dark were battling again, when, suddenly, a voice sounded below them. Both creatures gazed down on the earth and saw a large lion, who was growling fiercely. "My name is Mintaka," he roared. "Please, stop this senseless battle! No animal can sleep with Dark having the upper hand one second, and Light shining brightly the next." The two entities laughed at the lion and continued their battle. The one thing that the two agreed on was that they hated being disturbed. No thought crossed their mind of the lion again.

A few days later, Light and Dark were fighting again, when another voice was heard. The two entities looked down and saw an elephant, trumpeting and stamping angrily. "I am Alnilam. Please stop battling!" he said. "When Dark has the upper hand, I cannot see my children and they get scared! And when Light has the upper hand, I am almost blinded by her! Please stop this nonsense!" Again, the two great beings laughed and continued battling. Neither of them thought of the elephant again.

Several days later, the two spirits were battling fiercely. The smallest voice of all spoke up, shy and scared. "Light? Dark? May I speak to you, please?" The two creatures, furious at being interrupted again, turned their attention to the creature. It was a small human child. "Please, Light and Dark, I urge you to work out your differences. Why don't you compromise? What if Light gets twelve hours of the day, when she shines brightest, and Dark can have twelve hours, where he can rule the world."

The two entities considered this for a moment. It didn't seem like a bad idea. Finally Light leaned down to the human child. "What is your name, boy?" Although the boy quaked, he stood tall in the bright face of Light and replied, "My name is Alnitak. My father is a great chieftain. We need normalcy so that the prey will run and the plants will grow. Will you consider my offer?" Light agreed, and, reluctantly, so did Dark. Each went their separate way and thought over the offer made by young Alnitak. It seemed like a good idea to Light, but Dark was not so sure.

While Light spent her consideration time in the cosmos, Dark snuck up on her and snatched a piece of her for himself. His greed appeased, Dark left and went back to the boy. "I will accept your offer. No longer will I be called Dark. Now, I am Night, ruler of Darkness." Night took his place in the sky for his twelve hours and hung the piece of Light's body as decoration, naming it the Moon.

Later, Light returned to the boy, her brightness dimmed somewhat due to the loss of a piece of herself. "Alnitak, I will accept your offer. But Dark has stolen part of me, and I am no longer as bright as before. I will be called Day, queen of Light." When Night's time was up, she took her place in the sky, and started her twelve hour allotment.

Since that time, Day and Night have switched peacefully every twelve hours. Alnitak, the human boy who changed the world, and Mintaka and Alnilam, the lion and elephant, were honored when they died by becoming stars.

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