Chapter 5

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Since my awesome friend @Snefnuk_Falls is so fucking crazy and is literally dying for an update. She even threatened me! T^T

||Shaylee's POV||

So it's been like two maybe three weeks since I left. And I had to sell my Lamborghini... Because my parents have trackers in all of their cars.

So now I'm walking around this small city, looking for a car shop or something like that.

After two hours of walking, and asking 6 random hot strangers for directions I finally found a car shop! Yippy!

I walk inside, with the little bell thingy saying, 'ding dong'.

The man behind the cashier comes out from the room behind the desk.

" hello dear, what can I help you with?" The man asks with a smile, I think his in his late fifties.

" I would like to look at some motorcycles." I state with a smile.

What? I've always wanted a motorcycle that sounds good!

"Ohh, and it has to be badass." I smirked.

The man chuckles and signals for me to follow him to the garage.

We walk inside of the garage, were there is cars and motorcycles everywhere.

It's like heaven!

"What kind of bike do you want missy?" The older man ask.

" Umm, I would like a Crotch Rocket Robbe, in matte black." I smile.

"Good choice.!" The man exclaims.

"Do you want it today or..?" He asks.

"Today, if you can have it ready by then.?" I ask.

"We can have it ready in three and a half hour miss." He smiles.

"Goodie!" I jump while doing a little happy dance.

I stop when I hear the man chuckle.

"I'll be back by then." I smile after I have regained control of myself.

"Okay miss, see you then." He waves as I walk out.

'Where to go now..'

"Hey, have you heard. That new club on Melbourne street is having an opening party tonight!" I hear some girl that came out of one of the shops say to her friends.

I smirk. Party time!

But first I need a place for the night, and so I can get ready for that party later on.

"There gotta be a hotel somewhere in this town." I say under my breath to myself.

After walking around this town, for what seems like ages, I finally find a hotel.

I walk in and go to the desk where a lady in her middle forties, I think, sits there chewing on a gym.

"I wanna rent a room for the night." I say.

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