is team natsu defeated?

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??? No one's pov
Everybody was shock to see their stongest team of Fairy Tail being defeated by the so called weak stellar mage Lucy heartfillia. Until their shock died down after makarov slap their butts while saying "Pay up people I win the bet"

Lucy's Pov
"Who's weak now huh???!" I shouted at the people who bet on Weakest Team of fairy Tail(team natsu).
End pov
??? No ones pov
"Lucy why don't ypu let me see igneel pls... " natsu said "no" lucy reply "hmph! Fine. But you need to dress up like a ballerina wearing make up a tutu. Hehehe" lucy said "no!!!!" Natsu shouted "then no dragon" lucy answered "hmph. Fine" natsu mumbled

60 minutes later.
Natsu was wearing a pink ballerina outfit a white make up a blood red lips stick and a wig and a tutu.
No ones pov.
"Now can we see our dragons?" Natsu ask "ok" lucy answered
Open the gate of the fire,iron,sky,white,shadow,poison dragon, igneel,metallicana,grandine,wissiologa,skiadrum,pois!
Out came 6 dragons their jaw drop.....

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