Chapter twelve

"MyGooosh! you both look pretty!" Andrea greeted us when we reached manila penn. sammy and tiff are already here too.

Anton shot us with an i-told-you-so look that made us laugh so hard. we kissed the girls cheeks.

"Sure. we look good. but its too short." Alexis whispered that made me and sammy smiled coz we're the only one who heard it.

"Hello Edward." we went to Edward and kissed his cheeks..Edward is a family friend and of course. Andrea's Boyfriend. first boyfriend actually.

Andrea is wearing a flesh sleeveless dress. of course. edward's choice. tiffany opted for a empire cut short royal blue dress and sammy with a hot pink fitted spaghetti strapped dress with see through parts. so sexy.

we ate and headed for east wood. we convoyed.

"its a party night!" Anton shouted when we entered the club. Its a First Class club. for security sake.

we went to the VIP lounge.

we sat and Anton ordered our drinks.

"so who do we have here? Mr.Edward Anthony Benedictos." tiffany teased that made andrea blushed.

"And he's clearly marking his territory based on where he put his arms." sammy added that made Andrea blushed even more. Edward laughed and kissed her cheeks. she pouted and hid her face in Edward's neck that made us laugh. andrea look so adorable.

"of course. i'm so overprotective when it comes to my properties. and this little lady over here is priceless." he winked at us. we laughed and andrea hid her face even more.

the drinks arrived.

Trust anton to get the hardest drink available. he order tequila and wine. -__-

"This tequila is for us and this wine is for edward." see! Edward chuckled.

Anton served us three shots each before asking us to dance.

"Go ahead. i'll just go the washroom. i'll follow." I smiled. but really. i'm a little dizzy. 3 shots for 15 mins? who wouldn't?

"you okay?" Edward asked. i just smiled and nodded.

i stood up and headed for the washroom. things are a little bit blurry.

and clearly. hindi ko napansin na may makakasalubong ako kaya nabangga ko sya.

i was about to say sorry when he wrapped his arms in my waist. i looked up.

the world stopped. coz this guy infront of me is a perfect example of an olympian god.

"Mahihilo ka talaga. 3 shots for 15 mins? to think na hindi ka pa sanay uminom ha?" He whispered.


gosh! napamura ako for the first time.

bat nya minomonitor yung iniinom ko?

i was stunned when it sinked into me.

"you're Lance" i said softly.

"yes i am. and you're Venice" he smiled

ugh! this is so embarrassing!

i heard him chuckled.

"dont worry. its fine" he smiled widely.


"its not embarrassing. its fine." he smiled again.

"did i say it loud?" i asked softly.

he smiled playfully and nodded.

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