Day 39: You Can't Choose Your Family and You Can't Really Choose Your Friends

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                                                                            So it's here I stand,

                                                                             As a broken man,

                                                                      But I've found my friend,

                                                                At the curtains of the waterfall.

Start Destination: Lisbon, Portugal

End Destination: Lisbon Portugal

Via: MEO Arena

9:26AM (GMT) / 10:26AM (Local Time)

"Are you ready for me to tell you the most exciting news you're ever going to here?" Elsie asks as she bursts through the door. "Cause to be honest I'm probably going to tell you it anyway."

We all look up at her in confusion. She disappeared about an hour ago without a word; she just emitted a small gasp, stood up and ran out of the room.

"Where have you been?" I ask.

Elise ignores me though and instead walks to the centre of the room so that she is facing us all and holds up her hand. I prepare to be shocked but she is just holding the tickets for tonight and so I'm not entirely sure why she's so excited.

"I said are you ready to hear the most exciting news ever?"

None of us seem to be quite as eager as Elise is but eventually Rosie decides to humour her.

"Totally," she says with mock enthusiasm, "please tell me all about this amazingly exciting news."

"I can sense your sarcasm," Elise says, "but I'm electing to ignore it."

"Go for it," Rosie mutters under her breath.

"So I got a DM on twitter from a friend," Elise begins, "and I managed to get us four standing tickets for tonight! And I plan for us to get right to the front."

"I swear to god you have a 'friend' for everything," I say.

"Well I do have my sources."

"Wait a minute," Rosie says, "is there any particular reason why you got four tickets?"

"Well..." And at this point Elise falters, "I know Levi's not a fan but I figured that he might want to come along too, it's the last show of the tour after all and we fly home tomorrow."

We all look to Levi to see what he thinks of this situation and luckily he does not look appalled. It's a definite improvement from a year ago when he would run and lock himself in his room whenever we began to play the Blakely album at Rosie's house.

"I guess I'm up for it," Levi tells us eventually, "I mean it's better than being stuck here all alone."

"You make it sound like we usually abandon you."

"Well you kinda do."

When we all start to apologise to Levi, a giant smile begins to spread across his face and he bites his lip to hold in his laughter.

"I was joking guys," he says, "but it's nice to know that you're willing to apologise anyway. It makes me feel loved."

"You don't deserve to," Rosie tells him curtly, "not if you're going to joke about things like that."

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