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[ Lauren Jauregui ]

Today is the Vegas show and i don't know why but Vegas got me so hype. The energy of the crowd is loud but even though i'm performing at a smaller stage, it's still sold out. I have a few days left for the tour and then promoting my new album and single. Then i'll probably rest for a while and have my tour

Unlike any other days, i'm pretty much happy about today. I woke up besides the girl i love who sprain her ankle at San Fransisco's airport. But she manage to make a smile at me saying she's okay while i know she's hurting. "Lo i'm okay" Camila said limping while i hold her close

"No you're not you're hurt and i'm only letting you like this because i can't carry you around all the time" I said

Camila rolled her eyes. "I never asked you to carry me around all the time. I've never even ask you to carry me" Camila sassed

"Don't roll your eyes on me" I said

"You're avoiding my answer. Aren't you going to ask some more?" Camila said

Here we go again. We're not technically having an arguement. If you want to put it that way, we have been doing this non stop. Camila feeling like she's okay but two seconds later she'll fall down and i have to say i told you so. Then she will roll her eyes and ask for my help. "I bet you'll fall down after i let you go" I said confidently

Camila raise one of her eyebrows. "Oh really? Let's prove it" Camila said

"Fine" I let her go and surprisingly, she still can stand still

Before she was about to say anything else, she falls down and whine in pain. All i did was laugh like a girl who's drunk. My face is heated because of the girl in front of me. She had her face set on a pouting mode and she sigh. "It's not funny!" Camila yelled like a 3 year old

"Oh no that is bloody funny. I'm sorry love" I said in between laughs

"How could you let me go? You knew i was going to fall anyways" Camila grumbled

"Oh? And who ask me to let her go and she said she'll be fine? Who could that be?" I said putting a thinking face

"Oh shut up and help me" Camila said and i scurried over her side, bent down and take her arms in mine. I kiss them softly

"I'm sorry, love. You worried me for a second when you fell" I said and Camila smile

"Now that's the Lauren i love" Camila said giving a kiss on my cheek

I fake gasp. "What about my other side two seconds ago? Don't you like it too?"

Camila smile softly and cupped my cheeks in her hand. She scan over my features and give me a toothless smile. "I like all of you. Even your annoying part" Camila said

"Well i don't like your annoying part" I said joking. Camila slapped my arm

"You ass. We're having a moment here and you just ruin it" Camila said. I scoot closer and she flinch from my grasp

"I'm sorry. Okay i'm sorry. I like all of you too and this time, i'm not going to pull out another joke" I said and her face moves towards mine

"Hmm" Camila hums and pecked my lips. I bring her closer and our lips touched once again. She taste like peppermint, as always. But i love it

"C'mon we have to go. My fans are looking and i don't want them to hurt you even more by strangling you" I said planting a kiss on her forehead, then help her to get up

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