Just a Treasure (The Tale of a Knight, a Ninja, and a Pirate): Chapter 7

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As we boarded the Cutter once again, most of us went down to our rooms for a well-earned rest while Swift Crow took the wheel and a couple other people stayed above. I began to head down to my room, and as I passed Yuki's, I saw her on her bed. She was tending to a wound that was on her stomach. I walked in, concerned. 

"Yuki...are you all right? Listen, I have some bandages," I said, stepping in to check on her. 

"Stay away from me, pirate! I can take care of myself! I'm a kunoichi," Yuki said, but I stepped in anyways. The wound was looking bad.

"Let me take care of it," I said. 

I bent down and unraveled a long roll of bandages smothered in healing oils and medicinal herbs from my belt. Taking out out, I gently wrapped it around her midsection, tying it off before cutting it off of the rest of the roll. I stood back up, putting the roll back in my pocket, before throwing a treat to both Talon and Gaueko, who had come into the room as well.

"There. Was that that bad?" I asked her with a grin.

"No. John, I'm sorry that I talked to you so coldly before. Thank you," Yuki said. I waved a hand at her and then walked back out of the room. 



That night, we dropped anchor by a small deserted island with a large palm tree-forested hill being its only main feature: one of the thousands of these in the seas of the Caribbean. We all went ashore, and while most of the crew set up their beds on the beach, Swift Crow, the strong man on our ship Jet, John, and I all went a bit inland to collect some wood from the other side of the island. As we proceeded into the forest and began chopping with our axes, I saw a light deep beyond the forest, on the beach at the opposite side of the island.

"What d'you suppose that is?" I asked my comrades, pointing it out to them.

"Some creature or another, maybe. Or it could be men...get your weapons and have them at the ready. Let's check it out," John said.

We moved quietly through the trees, hands on knives, revolvers, cutlasses, and rifles. I had a small bomb in one hand and my lighter to set it in the other. As we reached the edge of the trees, we saw that the light was indeed men: about 30 of them, all unarmed and sitting around a medium-sized fire. A large ship was anchored nearby, and I assumed that it was theirs. Their weapons (guns, axes, and cutlasses) were strewn around.

John gave us a nod and drew a finger across his forehead, the sign for Take their weapons. We moved in swiftly, bursting out of the trees and ambushing them. I scooped up several guns and axes, and the other grabbed the other weapons. The startled men sprang up and reached for their arms, but we had already taken them. John ushered them into a standing circle by the fire, before leaping forwards and putting his revolver to the head of a tall man in gray with a top hat. 

"Alright, who are you and what are you doing here?" asked John. The man simply chuckled, a low laugh that sounded like he was mocking John. Most people usually did, until his bullets were in their heads and they wound up in a golden shining place in the clouds with winged angels singing.

"Hehehehe. The name's Kip, and this is my crew. That there ship is the Kraken. You might have heard of us. We're mercenaries, formed to hunt you, John Redding, down," the man said.

"You have a lot of nerve, Kip, responding to me with a laugh when I could easily blow your brains  out any second now. I like you, and I might even give you a chance to hunt me down. Tomorrow, 8:00, our side of the island. We'll be there, so sail out and maybe we can settle this evenly," John said with a wide grin.

"You've got nerve too, kid. I agree," Kip said with a smile.

John let the captain go and motioned for us to put down our weapons. We did so, and we began the walk back through the palm trees to the Cutter.

"Are you you should have done that, John?" I asked him.

"No! And that's where the fun is in things like that!" John said, smiling widely. 

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