Chapter 1

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"Hey, hey Luddie, are we there yet?" Feliciano asked, jumping up and down if that was even possible in the backseat. Ludwig sighed, glancing at Kiku, who was busy with his anime or whatever it was called, he himself having nosebleed for some reason. Ludwig wanted to tell him, but he knew what happened last time he tried to intervene with his anime. He almost sliced his hand off with a knife in their dorm.

"For the last time, we're almost there. Will you quit asking before I kick you out and you'll have to walk the next 15 miles yourself? Then again, that could be good since your abnormal pasta eating..." Ludwig threatened and Feliciano gulped, replying, "Ve... I'm sorry Luddie, I'm just really excited! New job, new co-workers, oh maybe new ladies!"

"Feliciano, we're not here to flirt with anybody. We're here to work, not to mess around. And I told you, don't call me Luddie."

"But Ludddieeeeee! You know I like flirting and everything!" Feliciano replied, not even listening.

"How did I even manage to stay with you and Kiku all the way from high school..." Ludwig asked to himself, closer and closer they got to their new home.


"We're here, Feliciano." Ludwig said, waking up the sleeping Feliciano, who fell asleep halfway. Feliciano rubbed his eyes, seeing Japan already taking his huge amount of stuff he had from the U-Haul that his brother, Romano was driving behind them. The house looked like it was falling apart on the outside, but for the most part it seemed okay to live in.

"Now you be careful you bastard, and keep an eye on the potato bastard. The anime bastard isn't too bad, but still watch him." Lovino said as Feliciano took out his stuff. 

"Of course fratello! But Luddie and Kiku aren't bad people..." Feliciano replied.

"Whatever, just be careful. I don't want you injured and Grandpa Romulus to get mad at me because his precious Feli was hurt." Romano said, getting back into the U-Haul and driving away once Ludwig got his stuff.

"This is apparently a flat type of concept, where each part of the house has been turned into a flat. Luckily we have the bigger part of the house, since they seemed to not like the kitchen and a few of the bedrooms." Ludwig explained, beginning to haul the boxes to the door. "Feliciano, can you get the keys in my pocket?"

"Sure thing Luddie!" Feliciano replied, taking the keys and opening the door.


"Wow Luddie, it's not a bad house in the inside! The outside, maybe... But we can redecorate it! Kiku, will you help me redecorate it?"

"Sure Feliciano-kun, I'll help you. Once I'm done with my anime of course." Kiku replied, saying the last part a little quieter. 

"Remember, we have other people in this house too. Arthur, Francis, and Ivan, I think their names are." Ludwig said, "So don't-" but of course, Feliciano already did it. He had suddenly took out everything in his 'pasta box' and began to make pasta.

"Feliciano!!!" Ludwig yelled.

"It's not everyday I make pasta for new people! What better way to say hello than to make pasta?" Ludwig was ready to explode, but Kiku stopped him.

"Just let him..." Kiku said, smiling softly at his antics.


Well, what a shitty chapter. It'll get better, I have yet to re-watch Coraline and all that...

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