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i said yes to a party! i'm an idiot....

   my feet dangled off the bed as i just thought about everything that happened. what even happened? hayes scared me but left me with a hurricane in my stomach, i, maya mckay said yes to a party, and i became frighten of hayes grier, scrawny, blue-eyed, hayes grier.

  " i dedicate this song to you

   the one that never sees the truth

   that i can take away your hurt

   heartbreak girlll "

   the loves of my life played throughout my room and i sang along like an idiot but finally realized that my phone was ringing. when you're hearing your heroes, everything else doesn't matter. i looked at my phone and kassie was facetiming me. i slide the bar since ya know i couldn't deny. her oval, bronze face popped up and her hazelnut eyes seeking through her long, batting eyelashes.

   i sighed. "kassie michaela hicks." she smiled through the camera with her eyes shut tightly and said excitedly "that's me!"

   "but before we talk about me, uh, miss. mckay, let's talk about you." she wiggled her eyebrows and wore a devious smile.

   "yeahhhh!" taylor jumped in, wrapping his arms around kassie.

   "bye kaylor." i waved and hung up. there was nothing to talk about plus it was almost dinner so when foods involved there's no talking. i ran downstairs and saw my mom mixing up fettuccine and her homemade alfredo. i messed up her perfectly nice ponytail.

   "ugh maya." she laughed. i cheesed and sat down at the island. we started small talk, boys, drama, school and i decided not to even speak about today.

   "so mom, what would you wear at a party?" i questioned. why did i even ask that? it just slipped out! i really did not want to go to that party, especially not alone. kassie would be there but she would be playing social while i'll be playing dodging. i regret saying the words now..... why did i even say yes?

   my mom smiled so big and the spoon in her hand just dropped out. the clinging noise not disturbing her one bit. she ran towards me, my eyes grew big and ran me upstairs. "wait mom, the party until friday!"  i literally had all of thursday to be ready.

   "always be prepared!" we were in my room, my phone buzzing. my mom,well now wardrobe designer barricaded my closet. i hooked my phone to my beats pill and blasted wrong one by jack and jack. explicit yes but a piece of art. my mom didn't mind so it's whatever. kassie was still trying to call me and an unknown number. i called back and she was fuming.

  "how the ---" i pointed the camera to my mom. she chuckled nervously and casually said "hey momma mckay !"

   "mmhmm." she had a hand on her hip as she then waved at her. "watch the language." i laughed pointing her a finger. she nodded.

   "so i heard senior hottie nash asked you to the party tomorrow."

   i snapped the phone down trying to muffle out kassie's sentence. my mom turned to me, eyes wide and scaring as freckles.

   "what? you didn't tell me that! like nash grier, blue eyes, amazing hair, nash grier?" 

  "thanks a lot kassie..." i grunted through my teeth. she ducked down and in the background, taylor shouted "yes!". 

  can my life get any worse? 




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