➸ 4. Scars

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Tonight had turned out very different than how I had thought it would.

The fact that I've known Sienna since she was just a baby, and I watched her grow from afar, having minimal encounters with her, I expected her to either be her shy and insecure self, or to be transformed into some snobbish woman with a haughty attitude like the rest of the royals. She was raised by Delannah, after all.

However, I was quite surprised.

The moment Sienna descended the stairs every so gracefully, her louis Vuitton stilettos coming into view, her long and creamy slender legs slowly coming into view, giving way to her curvy figure and slim waist, I was in awe. My eyes kept moving upward with every inch that was revealed to me. Her small waist curved up to her large breasts, covered by the sapphire lace across her chest. Her neck was so long and slender, head held high.

Then I saw her face and my heart, already beating wildly in my chest, sending blood to the lower half of my body, faltered. She was breathtaking and not at all the seventeen-year-old girl I remembered from our encounter just last year on this very day.

Her eyes pierced through me once they landed on me. Those eyes were so big and innocent, a turquoise – like tropical waters. Her nose was small and upturned – cute. Her cheeks still had that fullness to them but her sharp cheekbones were more prominent now, and her lips – those lips that I have tasted before seemed ever more full and poutier than I remember.

She was angelic. That is the only way I could describe her physically. Her hair, a rich brown with loose curls falling to her waist, I wanted to run my fingers through those strands and tug so those wide innocent eyes met mine.

Gorgeous was an understatement of how Sienna looked. She had grown into a perfection I had only ever seen on a vampire before. She kept her head high and a smile poised on her face. Her back straight, chest sticking out slightly, she appeared to be the regal princess that she was expected to be for me.

I remained unfazed on the outside while I took in her appearance with approval. A hunger in the back of my throat began to pulsate and my gaze narrowed onto her throbbing pulse at her throat. Her heart was racing the moment our eyes met, but having been taught how to control her body, she slowed her heart down to a calm beat, however, I noticed.

When she spoke to my father, her voice came out like an enchanting melody, hypnotizing and addictive. I instantly realized that I wouldn't mind hearing her talk aimlessly about nothing in particular, as long as I was able to hear her speak. Music – that's the only word to describe her voice, melodious music.

I was completely baffled. Having met her before, I knew how skittish and shy she could be, but she also had a sensual side that I've also seen. I expected her to either fumble on her words or to behave utterly entitled, but neither of those things happened. For once in my life, I was thrown for a loop.

Flawless in every sense of the word, Sienna had intrigued me beyond words. She was polite and respectful as well as confident, something I hadn't expected. Even her appearance was flawless.

Humans are all flawed. They all have imperfections like freckles, moles, stray hairs, and birth marks, but Sienna had none of those. I couldn't even see one pore on her smooth skin. She may be a human but she didn't look like one at all. I would have guessed her to be a vampire if it weren't for her scent.

I noticed she put on airs for her mother, gauging her reaction every now and then to make sure she wasn't doing something wrong, but other than that, she was purely herself in those expressive eyes.

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