Delirious Dreams

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Its nose got closer and closer. Then it started to sniff. I was trying to be quiet as possible. Then my foot slipped, it roared and broke the wall next to me. I started running, then it started chasing me. I turned the corner I kept running. I ran and ran. Then I came to a dead end. I seen it coming closer and closer. Then it was face to face at me. It roared loud in my face, and just as I thought it was gonna kill me. It said with a deep voice this is the type of dreams your gonna have. Then he said this doesnt count as a dream. Then he went to eat me, then I woke up breathing hard. Wo wo you ok mike said. Yah im fine can you just take me home. Oh come on said cease, shut up mike said. Cease stayed quiet, im sorry I said its oh right mike said. What happened he said nuthin just a dream I had. Five minutes later we get back to my house.

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