Drama London

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Louis' pov

As I climbed off the plane I grabbed my luggage. Then I text Hannah to find the address.

L- where you at? Im here.
H- Im at the Best Westren down town.
L- right on 23rd street?
H- yep room 132 7th floor
L- right be there soon.
H- later

It took forever but I finally got a taxi and was standing outside the hotel. I walked in dragging my fat suitcase behind me. I found the elevator and hit the 7th floor button. Was it wrong to say I was nervous? I mean really? She could hate me forever and one mistake and who knows what could happen.

The elevator stopped and I walked down the hall looking for the number. As soon as I found it I knew I couldn't back down. It seemed as though as soon as I knocked she answered.

"Hey." She said as she stood before me. The girl I love.

Bekah's pov

I stumbled down the stairs. I was way too tired. I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast since the boys and Summer were coming over. Thats when I saw the note. I quickly read it since Im a fast reader. Wow. Louis was gone to meet with "an old friend". What wasnt Hannah missing too?

Important meeting.

I made a group with the boys and Summer.

Summer- whats up?
Me- isnt Hannah gone?
Niall- yes why?
Me- cause Louis is gone too.....
Zayn- you dont think they...
Liam- no last time we saw them they hated each other.....
Harry- or so we thought
Me- maybe they arent with each other.
Harry- how do you know hes gone? Did you check his room?
Me- he left a note. Said he was meeting with an old friend.
Liam- an old friend?
Zayn- dont believe that one bit
Summer- Its like a tragic love story <3
Me- not the time
Summer- well....
Niall- Summers right.
Me- course you would say that.
Niall- no think about it. A love story where the parents wont let them be together so they run away and get married....
Liam- they wouldnt do that though.... would they?
Zayn- no and Niall no one is keeping them apart.
Summer- their whole life story is a tragic love story
Me- this isnt helping. We need to find them.
Harry- but how?

Thats one question none of us could answer.

Louis' pov

"Hey." I responded

"Come in." Hannah said as she moved out of the doorway.

"Why did you decide to trust me?" I asked as we walked over to the kitchen.

"Louis I might have been mad at you but that could never make me stop loving you." She answered.

"Wow. I thought you hated me." I answered shocked.

"Never." She answered.

"Then you wouldnt mind me doing this." I said leaning in for a kiss.

She pulled away. "Nope." We both smiled.

"So why are we here."

"Well I needed to get away from drama London."


"So wanna watch a movie?"

"Can we talk first?"

"About?" She asked.

"Us." I responded. "Where are we?"

"Well Louis you see I really love you. I mean I basically ran away with you. But we just keep fighting. If that was to stop then we could be something better. Maybe we could go home early too." She laughed at the end.

"Hannah, I know I have let you down. But the thing is I'm willing to tell the truth now. But I'm afraid." I admited

"Louis I'm all ears. Just tell me and know that this hotel room is where we tell each other everything. We cant get mad or upset but be understanding."

"Well remember Alison? Well we kinda had a thing before we got together. When I saw you I tried to break up with Alison but she wouldnt leave my house. One morning when she woke me up we kinda kissed. Then that night I told her she had to leave. But she kissed me and then you came in the room."

"Well. I gotta tell you something too. The night you walked in on Liam and I kissing I kinda just did it for revenge. We talked it over and agreed to stay friends. We grew really close as friends of course. He was there when I needed to talk and I was glad. Although I missed you through it all. It hurt to see you every day and not be able to call you mine."

"Then call me yours again." I spoke.

"Im glad your mine again." She whispered.

"Oh?" I asked. "Didnt know I asked you the special question."

"Then ask."

"Hannah Horan will you be my girlfriend agian?"

"Yeah. But tomorrow we go home."


Niall's pov

Everyone was gathered in my living room.

"I cant believe they ran away again!" I yelled

"Niall calm down." Summer urged

"I'm trying I'm just worried." I said sitting on the couch.

"We are too Niall. Who knows what could happen and we love them both." Harry assured." Wheres our drama if it werent for them?"

"Yeah I just wish..." I was cut off by my phone buzzing.

My sista

Niall you are proably worried sick but I wanna let you know Im ok. Louis is with me as you might have guessed. We will be coming home tomorrow. We both agreed that we needed to get out of London for the night so we could talk. It was my idea so dont get mad at him. We are once again together. Stop worrying. We will be fine. Theres no need to reply cause by now we are in bed asleep. We will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning so we will be home around 12. You might be suprised but we didnt go far. Im really tired now and I know you proably are too so GO TO BED!!!!! Night and know I love you.

~Hannah Horan your proud sister. Xxxx

I read the message to everyone and they all have small smiles on their faces.

"Lets go to bed. Or to the floor." Harry laughed.

"Agreed." Liam said as they each laid on the floor.

Next morning.

"Shh you will wake them up!" Louis screeched.

"Oh I will loud mouth be quiet." Hannah failed to whisper.

"How bout you both shut up?" I asked sitting up.

"I agree." Harry spoke as the others groaned in response.

"Well you rude people." She pretended to cry into Louis's shoulder.

"You all together again." Summer asked.

"Yup." Louis said proud as he continued to pat Hannah's back.

Welp 2 more chapters till the sequel. Wow. Anywho I wanna let Rose__Wolf_0408 and Brownysxx know they were right. You always said that I had to be related to Niall. I wanna let you know that I was playing a game and ut said that ALL people with blue eyes are related. Now as you know Niall has blue eyes and so do I. I didnt really believe the game so I got on goggle and it says its true. It also says that if you both have blond hair and blue eyes then you are most likely distant cousins.

After that long paragraph I wanna let you know that Im really happy about the amount of reads this book has. I really hope you will be this excited about the sequel. I have decided it will be called Through The Hate. It will be out Saturday. I will update tomorrow and the next day then put out the sequel. Course I will be working on the cover photo. So be looking for that to come out and PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS!!!! Comment and vote!!!! Thanks!!!

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