Complete Heterochromea

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Complete Heterochromea

Maya Hart wasn't that noticeable of a student at her highschool, every once in a while her name would get pulled up as either 'the weird biology kid obsessed with human anatomy' or 'the weird lesbian chick who sketched cheerleaders at practice'. Maya preferred to stay under the radar since it involved the least amount of football players threatening to pummel her into the ground. She was relatively happy working by herself in biology class, knowing that people often found her too specific with directions to work with. Maya suffered from OCD and anxiety along with various other oddities that were often the punchline of jokes, whether someone make fun of her stutter, or her facial twitch when she was put in stressful situations, or her constant eyeglass resituation as she tried to explain herself to people threatening to beat her up.

But one day, it happened, there was a new girl in the class by the name of Riley Matthews and Maya couldn't help but stare as the tall brunette looked around, she immediately his her face by trying to focus on her text book as she scribbled in notes. After a couple clicks of Riley's heels against the floor Maya heard her sit down next to her.


"Y-you su-sure yo-you wanna si-sit nex-t-t to m-m-m-me?" Maya said looking up at the brunette, her facial twitches kicking as she closes her eyes and scrunched up her face slightly before returning back to normal. "I-I-I ha-vve OCD.. It ki-ind of-f ma-akes i-t-t-t diffi-ficult t-t-t-to wor-rk with m-m-me." She continued to make a stuttered mess out of herself, she was expecting a laugh, or a giggle, but she didn't hear one which surprised her. She finally managed to calm herself down and her face stopped twitching as much.

"Yeah I'm sure, I like difficult." Riley said smiling as she was being patient enough to let Maya finish talking without cutting her off. "Riley Matthews and you are?". The beautiful brunette said sticking out her hand out to shake Maya's hand.

"Maya Hart." She said taking in deep breaths trying not to stutter, her face twitched again and she bit her lip. "I have... A n-nervous twitch." She said slowly and carefully, trying her best not to trip over her words. "That is brought... On b-by.... New soc-social int-" she said breathing in again trying to slow down. "Interactions." She added and mentally hit herself for acting like such a nerd. She finally gathered enough courage to make eye contact with the brunette.


Riley was a human anomaly, she had complete and sectoral heterochromea, one eye was a crystal blue that had specs of purple in it and the other was a pomegranate red with pinkish purple specs in it. Maya was completely entranced by her eyes, normally the only people who had red eyes to that extent were albinos but Riley was most definitely not albino. If anything Riley was probably the tannest girl in the class. The blonde completely forgot that she was staring in Riley's eyes until someone threw a ball of paper at her that had the word 'faggot' written across the crinkles of the paper. Maya tried to hide the paper from Riley but the brunette was fast and swift, and merciless when it came to this kind of bullying apparently.

"Who wrote and threw this?" Riley asked angrily, when she heard snickers from two football players that sat behind Maya. Does she have a slight French accent? The blonde asked herself as Riley walked up to them and started saying something in a language she didn't quite understand. "How dispicable of you to do this!" She went on, being loud enough for the teacher to hear her.

"What is going on here?!" The teacher asked looking at a cowarding Maya, a fearsome Riley and two snickering jocks.

"These two.." Riley started to say tucking the paper under her arm and walking to the other side of their desk and gabbed them both by their earlobe, making them wince slightly. "Were acting like immature children. Their actions were disgusting and irrepable." The brunette said dragging them to the front of the class. What are you doing Riley? The brunette delivered them and the paper ball with them. "Say sorry to Maya, she doesn't deserve this." Riley said angrily. What are you doing? You barely know me.

"What?" One jock said.

"I'm not saying sorry to that lesbian." The other said.

Apparently Riley squeezed their earlobe harder because they both immediately said sorry to Maya and Riley released them.

"Next time Ms. Matthews let me handle the situation." The biology teacher said. Riley nodded and walked back to where Maya sat and smiled at her.

"Y-you di-idn't ne-eed to d-d-d-do th-that." Maya said stuttering, feeling embarrassed for Riley. The two jocks were sent to the principal's office with one of the security officers on the campus so that the paper ball would make it there as well.

"Of course I needed to do that. They can't just do that." Riley said smiling softly, Maya began to look at Riley's eyes again, she blushed deeply and bit her lip.

"Yo-you kn-know th-that having bo-th-th com-com-complete an-d-d-d se-se-ssss..." Maya stuttered and trailed off trying to form whole words. "Sectoral het-hetro-hetrochrom-m-m-ea ma-akes y-you a stat-tis-tistical im-prob-probibilaty of a-a-bout 1 in 1,000,000,000?" Maya asked curiously as she pushed her glasses up.

"Nope I didn't, care to tell me more about it at lunch?" Riley asked smiling.

"Y-yo-you wa-want t-t-t-to sit wi-with me?" Maya asked and Riley nodded. "Su-Sur-Sure."


Hope you guys liked.

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