Beach Day With Ethan

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"Dude! C'mon! Hurry up!"

"Coming bud!" 

You look across the way at a very awkward Grayson as he comes waddling out of the garage, paddle board in hand while uncomfortably straddling his longboard, struggling to get to the car. 

"Aw." You say getting out with a smile on your face. "Here. I'll help you." 

"He doesn't need--" Ethan is cut off by the slam of your car door. He rolls his eyes and passes his fingers through his hair, hands on the wheel ready to go. 

"Thanks. You're the best." He says with a sigh of relief.

"No probs." You say while extending your hand to put the long board in the back. 

You slide into the front seat of the car while Grayson takes up the back, just barely making it in the car before Ethan punches the gas pedal. 

As soon as the car starts the radio blasts "California Girls" by Katy Perry. You and Grayson look up from your phones with raised eyebrows at a slowly reddening, slightly embarrassed Ethan.

He avoids your stares while defending his previous music choice. 

"What? It's catchy." He says with a small smile. 

 You and Grayson laugh as you all jam out to Katy Perry on your drive to pick up Aaron, Jack, and Cameron.

When the car pulls up to the swanky LA flat, the boys are sitting on the deck with their sunglasses on, surfboards and skateboards in hand. They are all mid laugh pointing at something on Cameron's phone. As soon as the car pulls up Aaron slaps Cameron on the back and playfully punches Jack in the shoulder while the three of them head down the walk. 

You roll down your window. 

"Hey guys! What's up?" 

Likewise, Grayson rolls down his window. "Hope you guys don't mind some of Ethan's Katy Perry."

"Nah man she's..." Jack starts while looking at Aaron who finishes with,


Jack and Aaron throw their boards in the back and cram in next to Grayson.

Cameron saunters over, removing his glasses to lean over and rest both arms on your window sill.

"Ay girl what's up? Always good to have you around. Gotta keep these boys in line." Cameron says with a cool expression on his face and a wide smile as he looks at Ethan. 

"Mostly that one." He says motioning towards Ethan while leaning in a little farther, a cheeky grin on his face.  

 "Oh don't worry. I will." You joke back with him.

"Hey bud. I believe your seat is that way. In the very back." Ethan responds while leaning towards Cameron. 

"Or I could just sit in the front next to you and your cute girlfriend could sit on my lap." Cameron suggests with an even bigger grin, a glint of mischief behind his chocolatey eyes. 

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