The end

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"Come on Aria, keep pushing." The doctor spoke gently.

Aria laid breathing heavily, beads of sweat covering her face, as she squeezed Ezra's hand tightly.

"Ugh." She moaned in pain as she gave another push.

Her breathing became more ragged as the minute passed.

"We're almost there, sweetie." The doctor spoke again. "But you gotta keep pushing."

"Ahh." She cried out in pain again.

"You're doing great, babe. You can do this. Our baby is almost here" Ezra encouraged, as he wiped her forehead.


Why was this so painful? Why couldn't it be just as easy and enjoyable as the 'baby making' process? This hurt so damn much.

She couldn't wait to see their new baby. They'd both decided they would let it be a surprise, and were both equally anxious as to what gender they'd be. She was almost there.

"We're almost there!" Doctor Lornas said.

"Come on, Aria." Ezra added.

"Aughhh. Why did you do this to me, Ezra? I swear, we're never." She paused as she cried out in pain again. "having sex again."

Ezra shook his head, holding back a smile. She'd said those same exact words back when she'd given birth to Olivia, and as soon as soon as a few weeks went by, she was desperately counting down the days until she was cleared.

"Whatever you say, babe." He laughed.

"I see the head, you can do this honey." Dr. Lornas encouraged.

After one final push, the room was filled with soft cries.

Aria collapsed back in bed, her chest rising up and down rapidly.

"Congratulations. You just welcomed a healthy baby girl into this world."

Within seconds, Dr. Lornas placed the tiny baby on her chest. Aria stared lovingly down at her, placing a soft kiss on her forehead as tears of joy streamed down her face.

"She's beautiful." Ezra's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm so proud of you."

"Would you like to cut the cord, Mr. Fitz?" One of the nurses asked.

He nodded, before following her. Minutes later, after getting her all cleaned up, their new bundle of joy, laid sleeping soundly in her mother's arms.

Neither Ezra nor Aria could stop staring at their daughter. She was absolutely precious.

"I love you so much, baby girl." Aria cooed, stroking her daughters soft hair.

"And I love you." She smiled up at Ezra.

"I love you too." He smiled. "So so much. Thank you for giving me another beautiful daughter."

"I couldn't have done it without you."

Ezra leaned down, giving her a chaste kiss.

"So what are we naming this sweet angel?" Aria asked. "It's your turn this time."

Back when they'd first moved in together, they'd agreed that they would each get to chose a name for their kids. Olivia being the firstborn, was named by Aria.

"Hm." Ezra said.

He was silent for a few moments. This was tough. He'd always liked the name Grace, and that would've been Olivia's name, had Aria not chosen her name. Not that he didn't like 'Olivia', but he always had a very strong liking to Grace, no matter how common of a name it was.

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