Chapter 25

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Aria bit her lip nervously as she sat in the waiting room at the doctor's office. They'd just taken some of her blood and she was waiting for the results. Her hands held a magazine to keep them from shaking, but it did nothing to quell the queasiness in her stomach or the pounding of her heart.

"Aria." Emily's gentle voice spoke. "You'll be fine." She said sincerely.

Aria gave her a weak smile and nodded.

Would it be fine though?

It couldn't be the cancer coming back. Could it? The doctor had promised that there was a very small chance of its return. Yet very small chance didn't mean none. It just meant it was unlikely. But not entirely impossible.

If the cancer came back...she didn't know what she should do. She clearly couldn't run again this time. But how could she put everyone through everything. Especially Olivia.

Oh God. She wished they would just hurry up with it. If they were going to tell her she had cancer again she'd rather they just blurt it out so she could go and cry in her car.

"Aria?" The nurse called.

Aria stood up, wincing at the way her nails were bitten down to nubs.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Emily asked.

Aria nodded, tears of fear already filling her eyes.


As she walked towards the door the nurse held open, she tried to discern whether or not the smile on the lady's face was one of sympathy or not.

"Right this way. The doctor will be back to discuss your test results soon."


That probably meant fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes until she learned whether or not her life was about to fall apart again.

"Mommy, you look very pretty."

Aria smiled as she sat beside her daughter on the bed.

"Thank you, princess."

"Where are you going again?" Olivia asked.

"Daddy's taking me on a date. We're celebrating our anniversary of the day we met."

Olivia smiled as she nodded.

"Do you wanna help me finish getting ready?" Aria asked.

Olivia's eyes lit up. She loved applying lip stick on her mother, and helping her decide on what shoes or jewelry to wear.

"Of course, Mommy!"

"Come on." Aria stood up, taking Olivia with her.

She placed her on the bathroom counter.

"Pink or Red?" She asked.

"Um." Olivia though for a second. "Pink!"

Aria handed her daughter the lip stick. Olivia carefully applied it over Aria's lips.

"Done." Olivia smiled.

Aria leaned down and kissed her daughter's forehead.

"Thanks, Livs"

"Mommy." Olivia giggled. "You got lipstick on me."

Aria grabbed a wipe from beside the sink, gently wiping it away.

"Sorry sweetie, but you're my baby and I love giving you kissies." Aria smiled.

Olivia smiled, and kissed Aria's cheek.

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