Chapter 2

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We walked into our music classroom, same as usual. Vicki, Emily and I had three seats that we always sat in, and everyone knew that. They were never taken.

Destructively shoving my bag under the table, I slumped into the chair – still confused, shocked and yet somewhat excited about what had just happened.

I knew that I would have to tell Vicki that he had heard her, but I waited until the teacher had arrived.

 I wanted to avoid trouble for the first few days. If it was Mr White for music again, God help us.

The teacher was running late and fairly soon everyone (even though ‘everyone’ was only five people) gave each other the incentive to wander off and mess about on the instruments.

After everyone left the room, I sat there, drumming my fingers on the table. I then noticed that the school had bought a new piano – finally.

Naturally, I walked over and started playing Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold. I have just got to the chorus when a man – presumably the teacher – walked in.

He raised an eyebrow at me and asked, “are you the only student in this lesson?” I shook my head in response as Vicki came around the corner, wielding the only decent guitar in the air and shouting “victory!”

Every lesson, we all fought over that guitar.

Just then, a smirk appeared on his faces and stretched from ear-to-ear. “Ah, so you two are the trouble makers I’ve heard so much about then?” he challenged.

 “Nice prank” he added bluntly before sitting at his desk and twisting round on the swivel chair.

Very mature.

“So, seriously, how many of you are there?” he asked, frowning. 

 I looked over at Vicki – her face beamed now more so than it did when she first laid eyes on Mr Sanders.

“Five” she expressed, elated beyond all means.

“Only five? Wow, nobody cares about music these days” he sighed, swivelling again. He actually did seem like a lot of fun.

“That’s because everybody in the school is brain dead, more-or-less in an intelligent context” I interjected pessimistically. Well, it was true.

He laughed slightly at what I had said. “So, are you Charlotte, or Vicki?” he asked me.

“Charlotte” I said again, not even looking at him. The way he said it just sounded so arrogant.

“So, you’re Vicki?” he asked, pointing in Vicki’s direction. She had now completely forgotten about the guitar, it was sitting limp on her lap as she stared at him.

“I’ve heard about you two.”

“We know,” Vicki began, “most teachers have now. So was it a teacher, a student, or the news? We were all over that too.”

He laughed again, manoeuvring himself on the chair and pushing away from the desk with his legs so that he spun next to us.

“A teacher. He also told me that you had already been sent out,” he smirked in my direction.

“Mr Sanders?” Vicki asked, puzzled. “Do you know him? He’s new here too.”

“I know, he’s my best friend.”

Vicki and I exchanged glances – I was slightly worried, but of course she was yet to understand why.

“Well, I better go and round up the other three” he joked as he pushed his black chair back into his desk and left the room once more.

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