Chapter 53 ~Compelling

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Chrissy POV:

I've decided that I hate toilets! Even if sometimes when I had hangovers they would listen and comfort me. But besides that I can't get over the fact that Brian was convinced to tell me that his best friend did it, his brother, and then he had the decency to blame me for that I didn't do anything.

''Look at you cleaning toilets, you did make him tell you." I froze from my job of cleaning Emily's disgusting toilet, now that the boys spend all their time here, I turned around and saw a man.

"Who are you?" I asked him he smirked.

"I'm your worst nightmare." I frowned at him. He then began laughing loudly I looked at the door behind him making sure nobody comes in. 'Man that was fun! I'm your oldest uncle, you've already met Leonardo and António I'm the oldest, coolest, bravest, boldest, and strongest."

"Okay wait, how many uncles do I have? I mean first my Chemistry teacher is my mom's brother, then I run into an old uncle who was supposed to be dead, and then talk to my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, now you?"

"I'm going to take that as a compliment, you see Christian you are liek a mini me, you're the oldest sibling, your obviously the coolest, I mean come on the rest of your uncle's might disagree with me but trust me you get your cool from me, also your bad temper."

"I always thought I got my bad temper from my dad."

"Oh you did but since hour a witch you get pissed easily like me so you kinda got it from me too." He explained

"Huh, well what did I get from your brothers then?"

"Oh, um Leonardo you got sense of humor, António your seriousness and foolish crushing on people, Julio he cares too much so you got that from him."

"Really my grandfather had a crush? Who?" I asked him

"Your grandmother, yeah I was against it all because well you know what happened."

"Yeah I do."

"It's just love, its dangerous that's why I won't well you know." He shrugged.

"Yeah I know what you mean." I said back.

"Listen you how do I explain it? Um, you got into his head and controlled him to tell you, sometimes when a witch wants to know something she uses her eyes it confuses the person your asking and its like your eyes are so mesmerizing and convincible that they can't help but tell you the truth."

"So basically I compelled him." He froze and looked at me nodding looking impressed. Well I do learn stuff! Thank you Vampire Diaries!

"Listen your wolves are listening behind the door I've got to go." And he was gone. I stood up and opened the door holding the toilet brush right where they fell face first into it. I smirked.

"What are you doing?" I asked them with narrowed eyes.

"Who were you talking to?" Paul asked.

"I knew it! You guys never give me any privacy! That was a test! You know what? Clean your own shit out of the toliet! And let me have some fucking privacy for ONCE!"

"What?" I threw the brush at them and stormed out leaving Emily's house. Once I was in front of my house I breathed a sigh, man I'm really good at acting! I opened the door and walked into the kitchen seeing my dad there. I stopped and backed up slowly, hoping he wouldn't put the newspaper down until I'm out of the kitchen.

"Hold it right there!" He said I froze. "Have a seat Christian." He said I slowly walked and sat down.

"How did you?"

"You know what time of the year it is?" He asked me. I shrugged. "Think." I began trying to remember. It's easier to look through Sam's mind rather than mine. I looked at the calendar and it was July 6th, oh my!

"Camping time!" I yelled he nodded.

"Yes, exactly we'll be leaving in about three days and you'll need to be ready. Since when have you ever been excited about going out doors? You usually dread this time of year."

"Well I've had a change of attitude, kind of, it's hard to explain, since a few months ago I've noticed how beautiful nature is, and yeah." I said he nodded.

"Well is nature as beautiful as winning? Because this year we're competing in a family competition."


"Yeah and we have to win! Okay?"

"Okay." I smiled

"Alright Tori ran out to get some chicken she'll be back in a few minutes. Wash up for dinner." He said I nodded and ran upstairs I opened my door and turned the light on. I shut my door, pulling up my sleeve looking at the scratch that Embry left, it still hadn't healed. I hope it heals soon, then I could stop wearing long sleeves.

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