➸ 3. Vampires

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His question rang out in that deep soothing tone, a crease forming in between my eyes as I took in his words.

"You really don't remember me? He asked, a tug at the corner of his lips as if he were taunting me.

"No." I shook my head slowly, contemplating if there were an underlying meaning to his question. "I've never met any of you." I whispered.

He let out a sigh as he rose to his feet and squatted down in front of me, looking into my eyes with his fierce crystal blue ones. I was so hypnotized by those eyes, so beautiful. They seemed to change colors with his moods, I was slowly realizing. They had been bright blue earlier, similar to his father's. Now they were almost a clear blue, like tropical waters. It was breathtaking.

My lips parted in surprise at his closeness as he placed his cool hands on either side of my jaw, tilting my face up to his slightly. Even kneeling, he was still taller than me.

"Remember..." his warm minty breath fanned my neck.

I felt my eyes glaze over and memories, that I had never experienced, came rushing back to me like it had just happened yesterday.

It was my sixteenth birthday and I had just matured and filled out. Sebastian was.... the same age he is now, 24. Mother had forced me to attend a party with her at some hotel for some important person and there were people everywhere. I was never introduced to anyone, just told to stay out of the way. I had gotten bored and wandered to the elevators to explore the hotel. As I was walking down the hall of the top floor, I wasn't paying attention and ran into a hard chest. I looked up and met a pair of stormy blue eyes – darker than what I've witnessed.

It was Sebastian.

He looked down at me with a cold hard glare and I shrunk back.

"What are you doing here." He seethed, his gaze scrutinizing me, assessing me up and down. As his eyes ran down my body, a hunger formed in his stare and I had to swallow the lump in my throat. I hadn't known what this look was at the time, but I was afraid.

"I-I just needed to get away from all the people..." I responded shakily.

His eyes remained that deeper blue but flecks of silver popped through here and there as he rose his brow and a teasing smirk tugged at his full lips. "So, you decide to come to the lion's den? Not very smart, Isabella.

I was stunned. "H-how do you know my name?"

He leaned in, cocking a brow. "How is it that you do not know mine?" He was teasing me with riddles that I didn't understand.

Giving up, I decided to go back down to the party. I didn't want to upset this man and have him telling mother that I was a nuisance. "I wasn't wandering anywhere In particular. Just walking. I'm sorry, ill return." I said with my head down.

As I was turning around, he grabbed my arm roughly and jerked my body into his, catching my lower back with a large hand as I gasped, his eyes trained on mine.

"Since you are already here you may as well see where I'm staying. Come. My room is right here." He dragged me into the room at the end of the hallway, the presidential suite. I was afraid of what he was about to do. He was frightening, but he was so handsome. He was a man though... so I was a little nervous when we went into his room. Mother always told me to stay away from men.

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