Chapter 14- Unleashing Death

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February 23 (1 Week Later)
The Hall of Judgement
The Underworld




“I think that’s the last of it on our list.”

“Good. It’s been quite a hell of a week.” Hades replied.

Yes. Quite a week indeed. For the past week since he came back from his Valentines trip with his queen, I’ve been with him and we’ve hunted down lost shades, amongst other things.

Some people aren’t ready for death yet. When they die and become shades, they do not choose to go to the tunnel that would lead them into the Underworld. Instead, they choose to linger on in the mortal world due to some sense of an unfinished business.

Traditionally, they are granted forty days and nights to linger on but after that, they must go into the tunnels to be brought to the Underworld. Still, there were some shades that resisted. They refused to go to their afterlife and choose to stay here to watch over family, haunt their houses due to a sense of possessiveness, avenge their murder, and many other reasons.

Hades tapped away into what he called an Ipad to check the list. “Yes. You’re right. That’s the last of it.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s been one week since I last saw Aurea. It’s also been one whole week since I’ve talked to Eros. What mischief could he have been up to without me?

I stretched my arms and twisted my body to ease the tension. I waited for Hades to finish tapping away on his Ipad.

“You know, you should get one of these. It makes everything easier. I’d just have to mail you the list through here.” He told me.

I shook my head. I may have caught up with the latest music and fashion but thousands of years without technology was a bit hard to catch up to.

Hades sighed. “It’s easier to send messages this way.” He argued.

I shook my head again and tapped my temple. “We can send messages through our minds, remember?” I told him. He considered this for a moment but then he smiled. “But where’s the fun in that?”

I shrugged in reply.

“Let’s go. Aerith is going to be mad at me for being gone so long.” He told me with a grimace.

I looked up at the cavernous ceiling of the Hall of Judgement. In the background, names were continuously being called and judgements passed on. Right now, after Hades said that his queen would be mad at him for being gone, I couldn’t help but wonder if Aurea felt the same way?

Did she miss me too? Did she even notice I’m gone?

I didn’t know what she felt but I know for a fact that I terribly missed her. Every shade Hades and I captured, I kept on wishing that it would be the last so that I could go back to her and we could spend the day together. Maybe I could bring her to my other favourite places, like in our deal and we could enjoy each other’s company.

Now, I am really, really glad that everything’s finished and that I could return to her right away.

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