Chapter 24

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Ezra rolled over in bed to pull his wife close to him, but was met with cold sheets instead. Glancing at their alarm clock, he noticed it was barely six. He looked over to the bathroom, noticing the light was on. As he was about to close his eyes again, he heard Aria throwing up. He got up, and as he was about to go in, he heard the toilet flushing and the sink running.

"Hey, are you alright?" He asked as she came out.

"Yeah, just felt a bit sick. Must of been something I ate yesterday."

She got back under the covers and snuggled closer to Ezra.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I feel better now." She assured before her eyes closed.

It was hours later when she felt someone jump on their bed.

"Mommy! Wake up!" Olivia whispered.

Aria opened her eyes briefly before closing them again.

"Mommy." Olivia whispered again, kissing her cheek.

"Mm." Aria groaned. "Mommy's tired."

"Come on Mommy! Daddy said he's taking us out for breakfast."

Aria groaned as she got up from bed, but quickly regretted it as soon as the room started spinning in circles. Thankfully, it soon passed.

"Where's Daddy now?" Aria asked.

"He took Nutella on a walk."

"Oh ok."

Aria got up, stretching as she walked towards the closet to slip on her flip flops.

"Come on sweetie, let's go get ready for breakfast."

Forty-five minutes later, the small family walked into a nearby breakfast cafe.

"Are you feeling better than you were this morning?" Ezra asked as they waited for their food.

"Yeah, like I said, it was probably something I ate yesterday."

Truth was, she'd been feeling this way for a while now, and wasn't really sure what it could be. She'd been stressed lately, about getting everything ready for Olivia's first day of Kindergarten and her going back to Rosewood High, so it was probably that.

"You sure? You seem a little pale."

"I'm fine." She smiled.

"Scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon, french toast and hashbrowns, and the kids breakfast delight." The waitress announced as she placed their plates on the table.

"Thank you." They all said.

"Would you like some more coffee?" She asked.

"Yes, please."

As soon as the smell of sausage and bacon hit Aria's nose, she felt the bile in her throat.

"I'll be back." Aria announced as she ran to bathroom.

Ezra wanted to go after her, but he couldn't just leave Olivia alone at the table and he couldn't exactly go into the woman's bathroom.

"Sorry about that." Aria apologized as she sat back down.


"Ezra, I'm fine. You know how I can get sometimes when I'm around meat. I feel better now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Aria smiled back. "Now does this food look delicious or what?"

"It is delicious, Mommy." Olivia smiled as she took a bite of her bacon.

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