Lily was here. In Flashback. My brain lost all function as I scrambled to find something to say.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came in to say hi..." Lily said, unusually tentative, "So hi."

'What am I supposed to say back? Great now it's just awkward, say something-'

"Hi back. So how can I help you?" I blurted out. 'Dammit.'

Lily giggled, leaving me thoroughly frustrated at myself. Her giggles were even cuter than her laughs.

"You work here?" She asked. "Well obviously, you've got a badge with your name on."

"Yeah, I do Wednesday evenings and weekends."

Lily nodded, glancing past me out of the window. "Well I'm in town with my Dad, he's doing some last minute shopping for tea, so I don't have anywhere to be..."

Still without a clue as to how to keep this conversation going, but somehow hating the idea of Lily walking away, I suggested giving her a tour.

"I suppose he's pretty busy with football now the season has started," I said.

"You knew he was a footballer?"

"Matt told me the other day-I wouldn't have known, not really into football. Now, if you'd told me your Dad was Bradley Wiggins, then I'dd be impressed."

Lily laughed, coming to a halt as I did.

"So these shelves hold all the random pop culture paraphernalia that comes our way," I gestured to the back wall, "Flashback's is a second hand store by the way."

Nodding, Lily's gaze trawled over each item, taking it all in. As we carried on, I ran a finger along the mahogany shelving.

Turning down between another two shelves, these holding Marvel comics that were ranging in age, I gestured to the large rectangular boxes that were visible on the floor. "Those are the vinyl stands, arranged in a rough alphabetical order, and the comic book section is just behind us."

I lead Lily through the shelves, which must've seemed like a labyrinth to her, bringing her past the vinyl stand to the other end of the shop.

I motioned from one corner to another, then towards the winding staircase, "CDs and DVDs are to the left, books are to the right, and that staircase leads to the tea shop, which isn't owned by Angie-it's hilarious actually, seeing all these old people come through here in search of the tea shop..."

'You're rambling. Just shut up.'

"But hey, I must be boring you-I'll let you have a wander."

"Yeah sorry, you probably have work to do," An apologetic look lined her face.
Rubbing at the back of my neck, I gave a smile that was meant to be nonchalant, but felt awkward. "Not really, I mean well I do have work to do, but it's fine. if you need anything."

With a little nod, Lily slowly wandered away in the vague direction of the CD corner, never losing that graceful manner of walking.

Forcing myself to stop standing dumbly, I set off back over to comics section. Passing by the till, I felt Ramona's smirk following me.

"She has you wrapped around her manicured little finger, hey Tay?"

"Shut up!"

"Kinda cute, I guess, if you're into the whole innocent Bambi sort of girl." Ramona leant over the counter, her smirk widening. "Lucky that's not my type."

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