➸ 2. Introductions

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I had my spartan voice out for that...


There he was.

Sebastian Lecreaux.

The man I was supposed to marry.

He looked older ... Delannah mentioned he was 24.

My lips parted slightly in surprise, unnoticeable to anyone but myself. I remained calm on the exterior, my smile still poised in place. My eyes widened only a bit as my heart fluttered wildly for just a moment before I forced it to slow it's beating to a regular rhythm. Inside, however, I was bursting at the seams, but I never faltered as I stepped gracefully down each step of the widing staircase in the stillettos.

Handsome was an understatement as to what this man. no, this god , looked like.... like no man, I have ever seen before.

My heart wanted be beat out of my chest and this strange feeling inside my belly swirled with something I have only ever encountered while I was being trained in the art of seduction, watching the other couples... perform.

Sebastian's eyes, such a brilliant blue, were locked onto mine as I descended the stairs. His eyes had winded only a small fraction, but enough or me to notice, before they darted down to my heels, scanning me quickly up and down, lingering slightly on me exposed legs. That was the reaction Mother had been going for when she picked this dress.

He was tall, very tall in fact. His height was seemingly over six foot - more like 6'3, possibly 6'5. I wasn't sure, but I knew he was the tallest man I had ever seen, which is giant compared to my petite 5'6 stature.

His dark, almost black hair, was a perfect contrast against his pale skin. It only made those bright blue eyes stand out that much more. He was so incredibly handsome that my heart was having a hard time staying calm - but I managed.

Mother always said first impressions leave a lasting impression. If this is true, he definitely made a lasting impression on me, and from the looks of it, I had made one on him as well.

My descend to the bottom of the stairs seem to go on forever, as I couldn't take my eyes away from him, my thoughts running wild with how otherworldly he looked. Even with his passive expression, I could see that slight surprise when I first came into his line of sight, even if he did mask it quickly.

his wouldn't be such a bad union after all, especially if this specimen was what I had to look forward to looking at for the rest of my life. He seemed nice enough.

I descended the stairs gracefully, unable to take my eyes off of him. I heard his slight intake of breath when he saw me. He was impressed, I believe.

I hoped.

I bit my lip slightly as our gaze penetrated each other and I could swear I could almost see a slight upturn of the corner of his mouth but it disappeared in a flash.

I reached the bottom of the marble stair case and sauntered over to where everyone stood, smiling up at the King first, as I curtsied. Mother said it was always proper to greet the eldest male first, followed by the eldest female, then the younger males and so on.

The King was handsome to say the least. Blue eyes, a very bright blue, in fact. His hair was dark brown and he had a bit of facial hair. Tall, lean, and dressed in a perfectly tailored suit. His complexion was pale but it suited him... he also seemed to be in his mid-thirties, which was strange.

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