Amsal's pov

I smile as i backed away little . it was sweet ! "Ab mjhe chalna chahiye ! " i said and was about to Stand when he hold my wrist . i turn around and saw a cute pout on his lips . "please don't go ! " he whisper and i noded .

We both laid on the grass ! Sky was shining upon us . "tm jb yahan ayin thi main tmhen tbse psnd krta hun ! Kia tm yeh janti ho ? " he asked and i turn my head towards him "main shuro se janti thi tm main guts nahi thee is liye main ne bhi interest nahi dekhaya ! " i told him honestly and he chuckle .

"Haan darta tha k kahin tm mjhsd bht door na chali jao ! " he paused and again started "magr bol diya hota tou 5 saal tmse door rehna na parta ! " he pressed his lips ! It looks like he is pressing his pain .

"Jo kismat main tha wahi hota hai ! " i smile and he kissed my forehead. "Ab bs khush khush zindagi guzar dena chahta hun aise hi ! " he completed and i smile at him .

"Thank you amzy " he said and i furrown "for what ? " i whisper and his eyes sparkled "mjhe meri ghalti k bd bhi apne qabool kiya ! " he said and raise his eye brow . i smile and he pinch my cheek .

I yawned and rubbed my eyes . "i have to go ! I'm tired " i said and sat on the grass ! "Magr mjhe tmse baatein krni thin " he said and pouted .

"Tou kia aj hi sare baatin krlo ge ? Kal k liye bhi kuch chor do " i said and his eyes sparakled , he smirk and raise his both eye brows at me "kia kal bhi hum baatin krein ge ? " he said .

I searched his face for the answer , if i heard it wrong but he actaully said that ! My cheeks burn at the thought and i stood up and was about to left when he sang "abhi naa jaaaoo chor kr ! K dil abhi bhara nahi ! " .

He smile and i reciprocated "i have to go cause you know we both need some sleep before the sun rise " i told him but he shook his head . "abhi abhi tou aye ho bahar bn k chao naaa " he sang the other part . i couldn't helped but smile at him and again laid next to him on the grass.

"Yeah hui naa meri begum wali baat ! " he smirk and i hit his arm playfully . i was looking striaght at the stars ! " tm waise itni khamosh nahi thin ab kyun hogayi ho ? " he asked and i stretch my lips.

" ek hi sath bht ghum dekhe is liye tut gayi thi ! Pehle tmhen thokra dena ! Phir zayan se shadi krlena , uski maa ki di hui takleefein aur phir zayan ka mjhse bht dour chale jana ! " i paused and shut my eyes "mjhe aj bhi yad hai ! " i whispered and his warm hand on my face.

"Magr ab main tmhare sath hun ! " he said and a tear fell from my right eye. He looked at the tears and clean it with his thumb. I close my eyes . i felt really tired to speak anymore ! I closed my eyes and he came closer to my face. I can feel his breaths . he kissed on my forehead . "i love you" he whispered .

"I love you too " .

Shehry's pov

She was asleep . i scoop her in my arms and slowly walked in her room . there was a cute smile on her face while sleeping .

I reached to her room . i laid her on the bed . i look at her for the last time before going . i smile and pecked on her cheek . i stood up and walked down to the kitchen ! I took the water bottle and headed back to the house .

I open the door silently not trying to wake asim up whose sleeping in the lounge .i took a step and all the lights turns on and i furrown ! "Sheeeehhhrrrrryyy ??? " i heard some mix screams .

"Kia hai yeh sb ? " i asked i looked at ali, waqas,asim, sain and atif . wait atif ? "Tm yahan kia kr rahe ho ? " i pointed at atif and he look at his wrisr watch.

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