Chapter One

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This is the actual story. Sorry if there was any confusion (; Dedicated to AbnormalLittleGirl (Saarah) for telling me about Wattpad :D

High School. College. THE experiences. The ones that every person looks forward to in the US. For me? I've experienced High School one time too many.

You see, I'm in my final year of high school. I live with my adopted parents, Cathy and Tim. Because of their job, they move around a lot. I've been to 7 schools in the past 4 years. You get used to it. My Mom died when I was less than 1, and my Dad...well, that's complicated. I've lived with Cathy and Tim for...well, forever. I don't mind moving around a lot--I get to see the world without having to pay. Cathy and Tim did suggest getting me home-schooled, as John and Adam (I'll get to them later) were, when they were my age. They're twins. I chose to not get home-schooled, as not to sound prejudiced-or mean to John and Adam!-but I didn't want to turn in to some chav who's extremely defensive.

Cathy and Tim have looked after me since I was 2. Quite obviously, I don't remember how the process went. I've lived with them for around 16 to 17 years. I love them. They didn't tell me I was adopted until I was 16, when they thought I was old enough. They told me how my actual Mom was involved in a car accident, which resulted in a brain tumour and then her death. I don't have any memories of her, just pictures. She was really pretty. Cathy and Tim adopted me later on, when my Mom's friend told them. Cathy had previously fostered, but she took a shine to me and adopted me after Tim got offered a new job. They also told me about my Dad, and what an idiot he was. If what they've told me is true, I never want to see him. I've called Cathy and Tim "Mom" and "Dad" my entire life--and it's going to stay that way. They're the most amazing people I could ask for.

I was originally born in the UK, as were Cathy, Tim and family. I'm currently living in the States, and have been since I was 14. My favourite state has to be NY. I like big cities!! At the moment, I am in my final year of high-school, and am hoping to get in to the Manhattan Academy of Performing Arts. I've loved dancing since I was a child--my Mom was a professional dance teacher, which is probably why I love it. It's in my genes! Haha. The fact that I love dancing is the only girly thing about me. I'm going to try and work extra-hard to earn a scholarship, or save up by doing small jobs. You breaking a bank or something. I'm kidding!! I really want to go to Manhattan. I'd love to just stay in one place for four years, especially after you've moved as much as I have.

You see...oh, shit. Forgot to tell you about me, didn't I?!? I'm Joanne Forbes, but call me Jo. I hate being called Joanne. It's too posh. I live with Cathy, Tim, and their blood children John and Adam. They're pretty safe. They've always had my back, and vice versa. They're a few years older than me (22) but they've not been to college. They're not very academic, but they work in Dad's company. So, like I was saying...

I'm a tomboy. We didn't start travelling around the world until I was 10. Before then, we'd travel around the UK. I've been to half of England, Edinburgh, Ireland, Isle of Man and Cardiff. I spent a few months to 2 years in each place. It actually is fun!! When you grow up in a house where they're obsessed with football (or as I've had to call it in the US, soccer), it kinda rubs off on you. I'm the abnormal one though. You see, Cathy, Tim and Adam have always supported Chelsea. It's in their family. I guess it's not in mine or John's blood though, as I've supported Manchester United. I love them so much!! I've been to so many of their games, and John was always kind enough to get me to tag along. Even here in the States, I have to watch every game. Every room in every house I've had is decorated Manchester United style. Posters, bedcovers, pillowcases, images, everything.

My family's accepted the fact that I'm tomboy. Girls in the towns and cities I've moved to haven't had as much luck. Most, besides the odd few, are always so shocked that I have nothing pink (thankfully), I've never dated a guy (my personal choice!) and I don't go shopping and am on 0 calorie diets every other day. I watch every United game on the telly, and admittedly, all the other Barclays Premier League and FA Cup and Champions League games on TV, wherever I am. So does my family. It's one of the few things we do together with the amount of working Mom and Dad are loaded with.

So, tomorrow, I'm off to Southside High School. My rules for survival are simple:

1. Don't stand out with your dress-code.

2. Stick up for yourself.

3. Never put your hand up in class.

4. Never get on the wrong side of the it-girls.

5. Never join the it-girls.

The it-girls are the ones that run the place. The ones who have a new nose every week, big parties every month and don't own any colour besides pink. I'm never going to join them simply because I'd have to change. I'm going to survive this one year by being me.


High School...

Here I come!

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