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Hey guys, thanks for being patient while my world has been falling apart lol. Sorry I haven't updated for a while.....Me and my boyfriend of two years got in a huge fight over the stupidest thing and I told him I needed a break.....well I gave in after day two because I hated it. On top of that my mom made me put my sweet little kittens Bird and Bear outside in the cold  cruel world :( AAAAAND I got sick with some kind of stomach flu Xl damn you world!!!!! lol oh wellill try to write more <3 love you guys thanks for the support and know what  comes next back to meh story like/comment/follow

I woke up feeling dizzy, and I looked on the night stand to see a glass of water, funny, its like they knew......I drank it quickly and sighed at how satisfied I felt. Last nights happening came pouring into my mind and I scratched my head. It all seems like a dream, from the first day I was taken to now. I looked to the door of a once again unfamiliar room and sighed, there was no fighting it, my fate lied behind that door, and no matter what I do it wont change. So I got up and made my way to it, shocked that it was unlocked. I went out in to a large hallway and walked down into a wide room with a large table. It was covered in food all over, every type of break fast food you could think of, and every type of fruit. I looked around and finding no one walked over and sat down. I crept my hands to a crispy looking croissant, but before I could touch it I felt a disturbance in the force. (yes I'm a star wars freak get over it Xl) I looked up to see the no one , and felt someone behind me. "Did you sleep well my dear?" I practically jumped out of my seat. "Jason! Stop that!" I snapped, but seeing the amused smile on his face I couldn't help but smile myself. Then I got serious and crossed my arms, a look I knew must be oh so intimidating compared to this huge vampire prince. "Where are my friends?" I used my glare to burn an imaginary whole in his head. Jason, to my great annoyance simply laughed and put his arms around me and pressed his nose into my neck. Damn this boy will be the death of me.

I leaned into him involuntarily and sighed, his lips on my neck were just too tempting, and I couldn't find myself to move away." You don't have to worry about them my bride." That snapped me back!

"I'm not your bride!" I gasped, pushing him away from me and trying to get out of the chair, he pushed me back down and moved so that he was pinning me to it. "You are mine, Olivia." He whispered. 'Stop fighting me." He breathed handsomely in my ear. I shivered all over but soaked in the energy around me to fight off the seductive demon. "Where are my friends." I said through gritted teeth. He sighed and moved away. "They're perfectly fine my love, just in the dungeons where they can't mess up our wedding." I felt my face pale, and I took a breath for my next question. "When is our wedding?"

He smiled and grazed his teeth on my neck." Sunday." Sunday! That's just two days away! I pushed him away and dashed for the door. "NO!" I almost made it, my fingers even touched the door, but suddenly Jason was in front of me, and he lifted me up and over his shoulder. "now, now little princess. Lets behave ourselves, we wouldn't want your little friends getting hurt would we?" I instantly stilled, tears forming in my eyes. "You-you wouldn't." I stammered through the tears, and felt him stiffen under me. "I'd have no choice..." I heard him whisper. "You are mine will never leave me." There it was again, that sentence that seemed to mean more. The girl in the woods flashed in my mind. "Can you put me down." I whispered, and he did, but only to wrap his arms around me. "My love..." I took his head and did what my mind told me to do. "Bite me." I whispered. Leading his head to my neck, and I could sense the instant lust and hunger. He put his hand low on my waist and the other on my head and tilted it back, licking it and tasting my skin before piercing my skin.

I felt my eyes close, and with the ecstasy came the images.......