I Need Romance - Old Flame (2/2)

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"Doesn't mean I'll stop offering."

"With the same hand you use to hit me?"

Pouting, she lightly pushed him on the shoulder this time. "Until you stop being stubborn about talking to me... I'll wait. Now walk."

The poke she gave him in the ribs startled him on their way back to the car. "I don't know how I feel about you bossing me around."

"You know you like it."

She stuck her tongue at him but slapped his hand away when he pinched her cheek just like he used to. "You know you like it," he repeated.

Her cell phone rang as they got back into her. In Young gave him an apologetic smile and turned away as she answered.

"How are you? No, I don't know where your math textbook is... I told you to pack your bags the evening before, didn't I?.. No, I can't look for it right now." She lowered her voice even more. "Because I'm not home. I'll check tonight. Bye." Putting her phone back into her purse, In Young cleared her throat. "Sorry about that. Minah just never knows where she puts her stuff. She definitely gets this from her dad."

"So your kids are spending the weekend with their father?"

"Yes, he's back in Korea for a few weeks..." She glanced at him and shook her head. "Go ahead. Ask me."

"It's pointless of me to ask if you won't reply."

"How about I tell you what's been going on with me and you tell me what's been going on with you."

"You've been pretty hostile to me since I came back. Why the change of heart suddenly?"

"That's because..." She pretended to think, but her smile was only half-teasing. "You know, after all these years... With no contact at all."

"Because you didn't want to."

"Because I didn't want to lead you on." In Young relaxed against her seat and looked at him. "You're the one who kept saying you're a sensitive guy."

"You still broke my heart."

Her smile was replaced by a frown. "... Are we really having this conversation again?"

Her honesty when she had finally made her choice between Sung Soo and him had sealed their breakup. Yet, it was her patience until he was ready to let go that had helped him deal with the situation. And he had moved on. "Thanks for the coffee. Take me back to the hotel now," he said, putting on his seatbelt.

"No." She took a long sip of her coffee and put it back in the cup holder. "Even if you don't want to talk to me, you will relax today."


It wasn't until they found themselves on the highway that Sung Hyun let his curiosity get the best of him.

"We're going to Gangneung."

Sung Hyun turned down the music. "Where did you say we're going?"

"Gangneung." It was a two-hour drive at least. It made no sense to go all the way there. "Don't act like an old man," In Young said, dismissing his objection. And she turned back up the music.

Despite her singing – out of tune – at the top of her lungs, Sung Hyun still ended up falling asleep during one of her rare breaks. When he woke up, the car was parked in a parking lot by the ocean. It took him a few seconds to notice In Young staring at him.

"You should have wake me up," he said after a yawn. In Young just smiled and they got out of the car. "So what do we do now?"


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