I Need Romance - Old Flame (2/2)

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After spending the week working on the project and distracting himself from thinking about his life, Sung Hyun decided to take a break on Friday night. However, his three best college friends cancelled one by one as he was getting ready to go out. That's why he called room service to get some liquor, but In Young was the one to make the delivery this time.

"Isn't your shift over?" Sung Hyun asked, letting her in.

"It is. I was in the kitchens when you called for..." She put down three bottles of soju and a plate of snacks on the coffee table. "Are you planning to get drunk tonight?"

"I am." He sighed as he sat down on the sofa. "I'm not asking you to join me since you're going home."

Still, In Young sat down and only stared at him until he had downed his first glass of soju. "Is it about the dorms hotel or is it about your ex fiancée?"

"Why do you care?"

"Because you can't drink."

"So?" Another shot.

"Just because she found love with another man doesn't mean you won't find love with another woman."

"Don't..." he warned her with a glare that left her silent long enough for him to drink two other shots. "Should I ask you to leave?"

"You're really going on a self-pity party."

"And you're not welcomed."

Sung Hyun toasted to the door she slammed on her way out.


"Wake up!"

Sung Hyun's eyes snapped open. He sat up straight but held his head at once as the hangover effects started kicking in.

"I knew I'd find you like this," In Young sighed. "You have 30 minutes to take a shower."

"Or what?" he groaned.

"Trust me, you don't want to know," she said with a stern voice but stuck her tongue at him. "Just get ready."

Sung Hyun did as he was told and In Young found him having breakfast while watching the news on TV.

"I thought you weren't working this weekend," he commented as he flipped through the channels.

"I'm not. That's why I'm not wearing my uniform."

Sung Hyun eyed her up and down. Her summer dress reminded him of the one she wore on their 4th official date. The memory was still vivid in his mind. Too vivid. "So what do you want?" he asked when he met her gaze.

"I have plans for you for today."

"I'm not sure I understand."

"Just come with me and you'll see," she said with a mysterious grin. "Come on. For all the times, you did it to me. Just trust me, okay?"

The car ride was short as they stopped at a coffee shop which was empty so early on a sunny Saturday morning.

"So do you want to talk now?" In Young asked as on their way out with the coffees he carried.

"About where you're going to take me now since we didn't even sit?"

"You're not upset just because your ex is getting married. There's something else."

Sung Hyun sighed as he stilled. "What makes you think I'd like to tell you about it?" He winced when she pushed his head. "Do you remember who I am?"

"Right now, you're an idiot who can't appreciate the helping hand I'm offering."

"Maybe because I don't want it."

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