Chapter 12

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                “Alright Harry can you please read this sentence for me?” Dr. Flack slid a copy of James and the Giant Peach across the table to Harry, with her finger on a sentence. Anne had brought Harry to a neurology research center that Dr. Flack worked at. The neurologist wanted Harry’s physical, speech, and reading skills to be evaluated to determine what type of therapy he would need. Harry’s eyebrows furrowed together as he squinted at the page. “The lo-love-ly h-house by the sea-side had to be s-so-sold im-imm- um, what’s that word?” Harry pointed at the word “immediately”, and looked to Dr. Flack for guidance. “It’s okay Harry, just sound it out.” Dr. Flack persisted. “Imm-medat-tely?” Harry looked up at her, hoping to be right. “Keep reading, sweetie,” Dr. Flack pointed to the book with her pen. “But, did I get it right?” Harry was beginning to get frustrated with his doctor’s lack of answers. “Just keep going until the end of the sentence, please.” She said. “And the lit-tle boy car-y-ing n-nothing but a s-small soo-it case con-t-taning a p-pair of pa-jam-as and a too-tooth-brush, was s-sent a-way to live w-with his two au-nts.” Harry finished, rubbing at his forehead from the sudden pain. “How’s your head feeling, Harry?” Dr. Flack noticed Harry’s frustrated movements. “I don’t wanna read anymore. My head hurts.” Harry pouted, and pushing the book back towards Dr. Flack.

                “Alright, no more reading for today. So how about we move on the physical therapy, hmm?” Dr. Flack got up from the table, and lead Harry over to the other side of the large room. There were colorful exercise balls, treadmills, therapy tables, yoga mats, and a mini trampoline that Harry loved. “Can I go on the trampoline, please?” Harry bounced a little on his toes. “If you do well on these exercises, then you can play on the trampoline.” Dr. Flack smiled at Harry, and picked up a large, red exercise ball. “Alright, all I want you to do is catch it.” She gently tossed the ball, which Harry happily caught. “I got it!” Harry exclaimed, tossing the ball back to her. “Good job! Now, come over to this blue piece of tape on the floor,” Dr. Flack guided Harry to the bright, blue duct tape. “Alright, first, walk straight on the line. Pretend that the floor is made of lava, and you can only step on the blue tape!” Dr. Flack laughed, as Harry carefully avoided the ‘lava’ floor, and walked only on the tape. “Nice job, Harry! I’ll make this a bit more challenging. How about this time, you hop on one foot, and stay on the line.” Dr. Flack said. Harry tripped, and stumbled across the floor, trying to stay on the tape. He stopped the third time his foot touched the floor. “I can’t do it!” He folded his arms, and looked down. “It’s alright, Harry. This is just something that we can work on!” Dr. Flack patted Harry’s back, and led him over to the mini trampoline.

                “Go ahead, and jump for a little bit, and I’ll go outside, to talk to your mum.” Dr. Flack left, as Harry started bouncing happily on the trampoline. She entered the waiting room to find Anne reading a magazine. “Hello Anne!” Dr. Flack said as she took a seat next to her. “So Harry’s reading skills have suffered quite a bit; he’s back to a Year 4 reading level, and obviously his behavior has been all over the place.” Dr. Flack finished. “So what should we do?” Anne asked, feeling completely powerless. “I suggest we start up our therapy sessions again, but this time only twice a week.” Dr. Flack smiled sympathetically, and led Anne back to the therapy room.

                They walked in to find Harry jumping happily on the mini trampoline. He spotted Anne, and hopped right off the trampoline. “Mum-ma!” He hugged her tightly, and grabbed hold of her hand. “I missed you!” He gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I missed you too, monkey!” Anne ruffled his curls. “You did very well today Harry, so you can go over to the candy jar, and pick out two pieces!” Dr. Flack praised. Harry raced over to the jar, and got out two pieces of candy before going back to Anne. “Thank you, Dr. Flack!” He said, as him and Anne left the room.

                On the way home from the appointment, all Harry could talk about was seeing Louis again. ‘When’s Louis gonna come over?’ ‘Me and Louis are gonna watch the Princess and the Frog this time!’ ‘Did you know that Louis is my best friend? Well, besides George, but he’s my school best friend.’ Anne explained that Louis would get to their house a little while after her and Harry got back from their appointment. After Anne had parked the car in the driveway, Harry jumped out of his seat, and ran excitedly into the house. Anne entered the house, and Harry continued to chatter about Louis visiting. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, and Harry bounded to the door, and opened it to find Louis smiling once again. “LOUIS!” Harry latched himself onto Louis almost like a koala bear. “Hey, Harry!” Louis laughed, and gently pried Harry off of him. Harry grabbed Louis’ hand, and led him into the living room just like the day before.

                “Today, we can watch the Princess and the Frog! Oh, and I got you a piece of candy from the doctor today!” Harry held out a piece of cherry Laffy Taffy for Louis to take. “Oh Harry, that’s really nice, mate.” Louis was surprised at how much Harry cared about him. “You’re welcome! Here, can you play the movie?” Harry handed Louis the DVD, and sat criss-cross on the couch, happily waiting for Louis to sit next to him. Louis placed the DVD in the player, and sat down on the floor in front of the couch. Harry hurriedly scooted off the couch, and sat on the floor next to Louis. “I thought you were sitting on the couch?” Louis asked a bit confused. “I wanna sit next to you! You’re my best friend, duh!” Harry said. Louis chuckled, as the movie began.

                As Louis expected, Harry chatted throughout the movie. ‘This is my favorite princess movie!’ ‘Tiana is the prettiest of all the princesses!’ ‘I don’t like the scary guy in the movie, though.’ Louis had to hush Harry a few times to be able to understand what was happening during the movie.

                After the movie ended, Louis looked over at Harry to find him fast asleep, legs curled up to his chest, eyelids twitching slightly, his mouth pouted, so that air could get through. Louis thought it was the appropriate time to find Anne, and tell her that he had to go home. As Louis got up, he felt a hand grab him by the wrist. He looked behind him to see Harry looking at him, wide-eyed. “Where’re you going, Lou?” Harry asked, tugging at Louis’ hand a bit. “It’s time for me to go home, but I’ll see you at school tomorrow, yeah?” Louis smiled. He turned around to leave again before he felt Harry tug at his sleeve. “Yeah, Harry?” Louis asked. “Will you come back to my class again, and sing another pretty song? I really liked it.” Harry smiled, two dimples making themselves present on his face. “Yeah, I’ll ask your teacher if I can come back!” Louis smiled down at Harry, before making his way to the front door.

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