Ch.2 Hallways

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**Peresphone's p.o.v

As soon as I got out of the hummer I got tackled to the ground by a blur of brown. The blur smelled of mint and I immdedalty my wolf Fawney, knew it was Julia. She was shreiking like the banshee that was in her bloodline down the past generations.

"Owwww Juli shut the fuck up my eardrums are dying!!!" I screamed she was my best friend since middle school when she moved here. She was also a wolf but her dad had some banshee blood which for the girls in the family made them practically loud screamers. She got up and dusted herself off her pixie hair cut growing out. Her light brown eyes shining.

"Sorry Peresy, I just haven't seen you in forever and I missed my best friend,' she said pouting I smirked

"But still, I kinda feel bad for your true mate while you guys do the deed," I said laughing she began blushing like crazy her eyes down,"You didnt," I screamed "you found your MATE" I was now the one screaming like a banshee my brothers were watching us like what the hell is wrong with them. She nodded she pulled the collar of her shirt to show me her mark. And their it was a warlock mark. I gasped

My eyes widened "Gurl I heard some things about them if you know what I mean," I said waggling my eyebrows at her her blush became crimson.

"Peresy, be nice please he coming for lunch today I asked him to meet you," she murmered I smiled and hugged her

"Of course Juli, I'm so happy for you," tears were threrating to fall.when I heard whistles and gaspes I looked up to see a boy hell I couldn't even call him a boy. A man walking with his head up acting like he's the shit which he looked it. I rolled my eyes, I guess it's a new kid.

*** Anthony P.o.v

I already detested this place. Sluts were coming off the walls, guys glaring at me if their chick stared at me. I walked into the building going to the office to collect my papers when I smelt the most disareple smell in my life. I fowlled my nose to see a guy talking to this slut and the smell want coming off if her it was coming off of the guys jacket I growled. When I began walking away she was probably just a slut anyway. My monster vampier Aiden growled at my, he didn't like that it was coming off his clothes. I began walking back to the office when I heard the most amazing sound. A giggle I turned my head to be trapped by that delicious smell when we crashed into each other I automatically grabbed her waist as to steady us. She looked up at me her hazel eyes were shinig her vibrant red hair was going down her back her lucious pink lips were tempting me when she said "MATE" thats when I heard yells and snarls

"Get off of my sister," a wolf began charging at me I jumped out of the way bringing my true mate with me she landed on top of me. I groaned my back hit a nearby locker. When she was pryed from my arms. I jumped up with vampiric speed to see guys surrounding me. They were tense

"I will give you 2 seconds to give me my true mate back," I saw her being dragged away by another guy. I growled no man should have touched her when I sprang at the nearest one. When I heard a "NO!!!!" I stopped my assault on him to see her staring at me "please don't hurt my brothers," she whimpered I nodded when I saw them surround her again they growled at me

"Do you not know who I am??" I shouted "I am the last Purebred Prince of the Royal bloods!!" I shouted "and I want my MATE!" I screamed my face was hot my eyes were probably red when I heard whimpering I looked to see my mate cowering behind her friend. I started to reach for her when the bell rang and she ran out the building others following her. I didn't get to run after her since the headmaster accosted me

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