So, hello there!

This story almost reached 500 before I decided to include this short story to my new project on Wattpad, the My Everything Short Story Series.

So, thanks for those people who added this to their library/reading lists. Thanks to that!

So, I wrote this almost 3 months ago as of this note, and that time Ms. Neilanie, @sweetdreamer33 wasn't able to update The Girl He Never Noticed. I hate waiting here it is. I made this. Ugh!

So as you can see on the cover, it's Jaime Dornan (Christian Grey of Fifty Shades Trilogy, yes, he will be playing Christian in the whole franchise of the book trilogy) as Eros Petrakis.

Thanks to Ate Neilanie for such an inspirations for this.

So, yeah! Enjoy!

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