Lucas: well,get ready for some guests to visit!

I dare random(or famous) people to dance Salsa while flirting with the girls and confuse Zen and Jack.

TaylorS: *comes in dancing salsa* hello party people!

Kate: Tay Tay!

Javed: Taylor can't flirt with girls?

Kate: that's fine,I'm already in love with her! She's my home girl remember!*dances with Taylor*.

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!...ding dong!

Mer: the doorbell will break soon if they keep doing that.

Punzie: who's there?!

1D: *bursts through the door* Vas' Happenin'?!/Super man is here!/Where's the food?!/Get that spoon away from me!/I live in the valley!

(The 1D in here is when they were still young and fun and crazy. Cause the 1D now is...pretty complicated. I mean seriously, first it was Zayn leaving,then Harry is getting death threats and now Louis is unexpectedly going to be a dad?! What is happening?! Directioner fabflakes,you will understand me cause that's how we feel.)

Everyone else: ........

Liam: is this the Salsa party?

Elsa: *dancing salsa* yup. I am Elsalsa!

Jack: *looks at Elsa weirdly* uh...

1D: *starts dancing Salsa* that's what makes you burrito!

Javed: this is crazy! I love it!

Harry: *does the shimmy in front of Elsa*.

Elsa: Harold Edward Styles! What do you think your doing?

Harry: eh...flirting? Like the dare said?

Elsa: that won't work on me.*goes to the disco floor* Salsa disco remix!

Zayn: *looks at the pool outside* you have a pool?

Zen: of course. Wanna swim?

Zayn: eh...

Javed: come on!*pushes Zayn into the pool*.

Liam: no wait!

Niall: he can't swim!

Zen: *looks at Javed* dude,save him.

Javed: I can't swim.

Zen: neither can I!

Zayn: someone help me!*splashing around*.

Louis: I'll save him!

Harry: go Lou!

Louis: *about to jump in the pool until* Kevin! You're here!*chases after a pigeon*.

Harry: *pushes a button*.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Niall: Harry,what'd you do?!

Harry: *shrugs*.

*pool starts to drain all the water*

Javed: oh,great idea.

Zen: *jumps in the empty pool* hey Zayn,vas' happenin'!

Zayn: I'm just chillin'. Nearly died,but I'm fine. Thanks Hazza!

Harry: your welcome DJ Malik!

Kayla: looks like we have to end it here.

Zen: take it away guys!

Harry,Mer: Ask!

Punzie,Louis: And!

Niall,Elsa: Dare!

Hic,Liam: Away!

Jack: bye-!*gets tackled by Zayn*.

Zayn: bye!

Javed: what does this button do?*pushes a red button*.

Zen: Javed no!


*mansion explodes leaving everyone in a force field*

Zen: *opens eyes* a force field?

Javed: *makes force field disappear* yup.

Zen: you butt,you blew up the mansion.XD

Javed: what? Because I'm happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!XD

Abby: there is no roof anymore.

Athena: make that everything. XD

Lucas: I'll tell DATS to rebuild the mansion. Without a self destruct button this time.

Kayla: this was a twisted ending.

Summer: why not we go and get some Fro-

Zen,Javed: Frooooozen!

Kate: yogurt?

Summer: yeah!

Everyone: bye again!

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