Day 37: Real Kisses Are Better Than Eskimo Kisses

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                                                          I wish my heart was always on her mind,

                                                       Cause she's on mine like all day, all the time.

Start Destination: Madrid, Spain

End Destination: Lisbon, Portugal

Via: MEO Arena

8:11AM (GMT) / 9:11AM (Local Time)

"I swear to god I got like five minutes sleep last night," Rosie complains as I start the car.

"You went to sleep before all of us," Elise points out.


"You also got up after all of us," Elise reminds her.

"Shut up."

With that Rosie turns away from us and rests her head against the window. The car is quiet for a few moments until she lets out a loud moan of pain.

"Ow," she says.

"What have you done now?" Levi asks.

"I bumped my head on the window," Rosie explains, "I swear to god if I have a bruise there I'm going to cry. There are two shows left of this trip and I am not suffering through them with a massive mark on my forehead. That is just not happening."

We all sit up straighter at the mention that there are only two shows left. We haven't really talked about it, none of us really want to and so Rosie bringing it up feels weird.

"You can rest on me," Levi says from where he sits opposite Rosie, "maybe then you'll stop complaining."

"It's not my fault the car has it in for me."

"It's an inanimate object," Levi points out, "it doesn't have feelings towards you."

"Well it's just a heartless bastard then isn't it?"

"Go to sleep Rosie."

3:05PM (GMT) / 4:05PM (Local Time)

"Hey Jess," Levi says knocking softly on the door of our room as he pushes it open, "do you wanna go for a walk?"

"Sure," I reply smiling, "just let me grab my bag."

There's a warm breeze blowing as we step out onto the street and I mentally berate myself for forgetting how susceptible my skin is to sunburn.

"What you thinking about?" Levi asks.

I'm about to reply when I look up at him. A smile dangles on his face and his eyes are lit up with laughter. And suddenly all thoughts leave my head and all I can think about is Levi. For a moment I think he is leaning closer to me, I think that my daydreams are all going to come true and then Levi swipes his finger across my cheek.

"Eyelash," he explains, "so go on, what you thinking about?"

"The fact that I forgot sun cream."


"Exposure to UV radiation is no laughing matter," I say, "and how bad would you feel if I get burnt."

"Not that bad, in fact I'm more likely to make fun of you than feel bad. Sorry."

"Whatever," I say batting him lightly on the arm, "so what did you want to take a walk for?"

"Am I not allowed to want to explore?"

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