Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Yuka was happy to be home with her friends and ran off with her friends. The little Pokemon looked like they were glad to be home and Yuka seemed happier here with her friends. It looks like my work here was done, so I was about to head back to the dock. After all, Yuka just tagged along to help me find her Pichu friends. So why does it feel as though she's betraying me by running off?

Ben looked at Yuka as she retreated into the woods before following after me. "Where are you going?" He asked, catching up to me until he could walk beside me.

"To the dock," I said, as if it was obvious.

He bristled at my sharp tone. Too harsh?

"Aren't you going to wait on Yuka?" He asked.

I shook my head, biting my lip to avoid yelling. "No, Ben. She's found her friends and she's happy here." I told him. "Why would I take that away from her and make her travel with me?"

He reached for my hand, a comforting gesture, but I didn't want to be touched. I was already trying to prevent myself from getting upset; being touched would only work me up into a tizzy.

It was like fighting back tears and then someone wanting to hug you. Physical contact only made you want to let it all out, and I needed to keep my head out of the clouds since we had to take out the Pinchers. It didn't matter if I was upset that my first Partner Pokemon was leaving me or not; as a Ranger I had a duty to put the greater good of Oblivia first.

Ben grabbed my hand anyways and ignored the look of displeasure that flashed across my face. My stomach boiled at the gesture. "You don't want to say goodbye?" He asked gently.

I ignored him and tried to proceed forward. Ben stopped in his tracks and forced me to stop, too.

"Summer, you're going to regret it if you don't at least say goodbye." Ben told her.

He was right. I didn't care. I snatched my hand away and continued. What did he know about losing someone that you'd grown close to? It's been, what, four or five days and I'd already had a close bond with a Pokemon that would just leave me without a second thought.

Wait, that's not a fair statement. I knew from the beginning that Yuka was only tagging along to free her friends, I just didn't want to accept it.

"Wait, wait!" A squeaky voice called out after us. "Don't leave me!"

I turned around to see Yuka and her friends behind us. I'm assuming that was Yuka talking. I really have to get used to the 'understanding Pokemon' thing.

Yuka turned back to her friends and started talking to them. Oddly enough, she was talking in the Pokemon language (which I could vaguely understand) but I could only decipher half of what she was saying. "I'm really glad that... ... ... ... ... But I really can't... ... ... So, I hope that... ... ... ... I'm sorry, but I made a promise to... ... She's my family, too. And family doesn't abandon family." Yuka exclaimed.

(A/N: The spaces are when Yuka is talking in the Pokemon language and Summer can't decipher it because her newfound ability of being able to understand Pokemon is still new to her and she can't understand Pokemon for extended amounts of time. I'm not gonna just say that Summer mastered being able to talk to Pokemon after Scratchy and Smooth pointed out the fact that she could. She's not Superwoman. She can't master an ability at the drop of a hat.)

The Pichus nodded in understanding. Yuka turned to me with a huge smile.

"Does that mean that you're staying?" I inquired.

Yuka nodded vigorously and flung herself at my legs. The Pichus started dancing around us. I seperated Yuka from my leg and threw her up in the air. I caught her and hugged her close to me, although I tried to avoid crushing the ukelele on her back.

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