Chapter 11

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"How is it out there?" Camila asked her girlfriend through FaceTime as she sat on the ground playing with her two kids.

"Good, actually. Most of the guys on the team were really welcoming, besides the other quarterback. We played against each other for 7 on 7 and we beat his team so I think he hates me even more. How is your day? How are the kids?" Lauren asked as she continued to get ready for the party.

"After you left we went to the park. Teagan was giggling all day, I don't know at what but as long as she's not crying then I won't complain. Tyler on the other hand has been more quiet than usual, just staring off and smiling here and there." The brown eyed beauty shrugged, turning the camera towards her pride and joys.

"They look really happy right now" Lauren smiled and continued to talk to her children in a baby voice, but failing to keep their attention on the screen. "I actually have to go now babe. Zayn and I got invited to hang out with some people. I love you."

"Alright well, call me later if you'd like. I love you too and have fun." Camila blew a kiss to her girlfriend before hanging up.

The girl continued to play with her kids until a knock on the door brought her attention away.

"Hey Ari, you're early" Camila hugged her good friend.

"I know, I'm sorry. I could leave if now is not a good time" Ariana said all flustered.

"No you can stay." Camila chuckled before walking back towards the twins. "These two are about to be put down for the night." She said in a baby voice, picking up Tyler.

"Do you need help?" Ariana offered, picking up Teagan not long after.

The two sang in perfect harmony to the two baby's in their respective cribs, causing them to fall asleep almost instantly.

"Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all
Hush a bye baby up in the sky
On a soft cloud it's easy to fly
When the cloud bursts the raindrops will pour
Baby comes down to mother once more.
Rock a bye baby safe in my arms
Mother will hold thee safe from all harm
Tree limbs may break and clouds disappear
Always and ever Mother is here."

"Wow Mila, yo-you're insanely talented at singing." Ariana whispered to the girl next to her.

"Not as good as you, are you kidding me?" Camila smiled, then proceeded to walk out of the room with her friend following closely behind.

"I wanted to surprise you but I got accepted into a school in California. It's a performing arts school and I honestly think you could get in too!" Ariana explained happily.

"Trust me, I've always wanted to go into something like that. But may I remind you that I have two little kids to raise" The brunette said as she started cleaning up the living room.

"Lauren gets to pursue her own dream while leaving you to drop your own?" Ariana asked intently. "How is that fair? I mean, you held Teag and Ty in your stomach for so long and now look, Lauren is hardly ever there. She's practically leaving you to raise the twins alone."

"I already talked to her about it. She apologized and I think she actually meant it this time. Plus, she's going to get paid for doing what she loves so I'm going to complain if that means that we'll have a steady life financially."

"We're getting off topic." Ariana sighed out, not wanting to bicker with her friend. "Just think about it, Mila. All you have to do is send a video of yourself singing as an audition tape and apply to the school. If you get in, I don't mind helping out whenever Lauren is at practice. Okay?"

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