Chapter 10

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"Thank you so much Coach Sarkinsian! Zayn and I will definitely be seeing you this weekend. Have a good day." Lauren hung up the phone with a big grin on her face, returning from the kitchen to the living room where her family was.

"Who was that?" Camila asked while playing with her two children's toys.

"That was the head coach from USC. He wants Zayn and I to come out this weekend to practice with the current team and he'll even pay for all of our expenses like the plane tickets and food." Lauren said in a baby voice in attempt to make her twins smile.

"This weekend?" Camila's voice changed. "Babe this weekend is supposed to be our weekend to hang out with Teagan and Tyler." She said, looking back at her two pride and joys in front of her. "Ever since the semester started we haven't had much time to spend with them besides after school... And bringing them to the student section during basketball games does not count as spending time with them."

"I can't, Camz. This is my career we're talking about." Lauren tried calming her girlfriend down. "It's just tomorrow and Saturday. I'll be back early on Sunday and we can go to the park or whatever."

"Lauren" Camila said sternly, "I am so fed up with you not putting our family as your number one priority! I get it, football is your life but we have 3 month old twins who need you. They need us."

"What are you even talking about? I am there to change their diapers, I am there to feed them, I am there to pick up and drop off Tyler to and from his doctors appointments-"

"Pick up and drop off. There that's it." Camila got up furiously. "Do you even realize how scared he is? Our son has to go through fucking shock therapy and you're not even there to support him! You're either always on the phone or doing something that has to do with football in some way shape or form. I'm getting tired of it! And if you honestly don't clean up your act and get your fucking priorities straight, then..." Camila sighed out, lowering her voice. "Then I'm done." She teared up, walking away to their bedroom.

"Camila, wait" Lauren got up to follow her, before being blocked by a now closed locked door. "Camz, I'm sorry." She tried knocking but she knew how stubborn her girlfriend was and there was no use in trying until the shorter girl calmed down.

Lauren made her way back to her kids, who were now struggling to roll back onto their stomachs.

"You guys forgive me, right?" The green eyed girl picked them up, holding both on each arm. Smelling the horrific toxic air, she was on diaper duty once again.

After changing the twins, she came back out to the living room and noticed Camila dressed up in street clothes with her purse ready to go.

"Where are you going?" Lauren asked, clearly confused.

"Ariana asked me to hang out with her." Her girlfriend shrugged. "I said yes." She walked to kiss her children goodbye before leaving the front door. "You put Ty's diaper on wrong, he likes it a certain way or else it agitates him."

Lauren was left dumbfounded, then looked to her son who was starting to tear up. "No no no, shh-" She panicked, not wanting him to burst out crying but was already too late.


"She actually said that?" Austin raised his eyebrows, taking the earphone out of his ear and slowed his pace down before coming to a full stop.

"Well no, she actually said she'd be done if 'I don't get my priorities straight'. Then she left to hang out with Ariana." Lauren rolled her eyes. "I don't know dude, I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job with spending time with the kids." She pointed at the baby stroller she was pushing.

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