Chapter 3

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---- 89 days left ----

Rachel Berry was putting her last bit of makeup on for her fifth night on her new Broadway play.

"Rachel Berry." A sassy young voice said from behind her. It couldn't be-

"Kurt!" It was! "What are you doing here? I thought you were busy with that show of yours! You said you couldn't come!" She hugged him tightly.

"Well Klaine couldn't resist." He said smiling, pulling away from her.

"Blaine's here?!" She practically shrieked.

"Shhh. Don't hurt your voice hobbit." Said a specific Latina coming up from behind Kurt. Rachel looked like she was about to shriek again before two lips push over her own.

"Jessie!" She staged whispered. "I missed you! How was LA!"

"Good to see you to Rachel, why yes I was on Madison square gardens, and yes Blaine has a Broadway debut coming up! Not to mention Kurt's fabulous off Broadway show!" Santana remarked as she gagged at the couple, staring at each other lovingly.

"It's no use Santana, we better leave now, I'll text Blaine to warn him. Where is Blaine?"

"Hi y'all, sorry I'm late the flight was delayed. Oh god!" Moan Mercedes as soon as she saw the now making out couple.

"They started already..." Kurt said shaking his head. "Have you seen Blaine by any chance?"

"Um, no, sorry Kurt. HI RACHEL! I CAME TO SUPPORT YOU!" The couple did not seem to hear her, and Mercedes sat done with a huff. "How can she expect us to support her if all she does is ignore us?" She grumbled.

"I prefer this over normal Rachel any day. This ones less annoying." Santana pointed out.

"Is she?" Asked Sam coming through the door. Santana seemed to think about it for a second.

"Okay, fair point."

"How's Brittany by the way?" Santana scowled at Sam with so much ferocity he shrunk about four inches (not including his mouth of course)

"She's fine." Santana responded rather stiffly.

"Where's Blaine?!" Kurt cried out.

"Oh hi Mercedes!" Said Rachel finally breaking apart.

"Sup Kurt!" Jessie nodded at him.

"My favorite Jewish friend!" A knock was came at the door.

"Hi Jessie." Kurt nodded stiffly.

"Finally you noticed me!" Mercedes huffed.

"Noah! It's great to see you!" Rachel gave him a quick hug.

"Hi puck." Jessie said giving him a fake smile.

"Puck." Kurt shook his hand and have him a smile.

"Puckerman." Mercedes smiled.

"Hey Samcedes! Kurt. Hey where's Blaine?"

"In Sam's mouth."

"Thanks Santana." They continued on like this the man wearing a navy outfit joining in every now and again. Finally an official looking man came in.

"Rachel Berry you're on in five." The girl almost shrieked again, but this time puck covered her mouth with his hand, beating Jessie to it.

"Rachel, hon, you'll do great!" Kurt reassured.

"You're going to kill it!" Mercedes yelled.

"What she said." Sam said pointing at his girlfriend.

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